Fated To Love You Eps 1: Screencaps

Loving this! Ahjussi Fan did an awesome recap of ep1 🙂

Ahjussi Fan

I just watched Fated To Love You online.

Though it lagged, I managed to screencap not too little of the whole thing ^^.

I don’t really understand what they said so forgive me if what I wrote is not what the story delivered.

First, Lee Geon filming a CF. He’s the shampoo company sajangnim I think. The model(Clara) said something bad about the shampoo and refuse to continue filming, so he rush there and filming by himself while everyone is dumbfounded at first and admiring at last. *That everyone has me included*

So there was actually a part where he forcefully open his shirt showing his toned abs, but I was too focus on the said abs, I forgot to cmd+shft+3.

Then he proudly coming late to what seems like an important meeting and saying something about marriage. Lee Geon is not a normal person. This might be the result…

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3 responses to “Fated To Love You Eps 1: Screencaps

  1. This intro of Lee Geon in the 1st ep is very hilarious to me. The scriptwriter transformed the Running Man scene here and also let us see Hyuk’s abs is just absolutely fun and different. Probably most people didn’t get it. Later the Chuno music again in the Dog Chase scene is another rewrite tailored for Hyukie but this time is a weak version of Lee Geon. I’m not surprised if MBC will show Lee Geon in wrestling 😀

  2. jajajajajajaja osea que él mismo graba el comercial??? pero porque se saca la camisa, no lo he entendido del todo…. waajajaj pero parece que salió perfectamente por loq ue veo.. ahhh que sexyyy se ve jang uyy uyyyy nooooooo mmmmmmmm

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