Fated to love you: Long trailer and endless SPAZZZZZZZ!!!!!

I’m in love with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara and they can do whatever they want for all eternity! I’ll watch them! Funny, quirky, cute, and…they also have tension, romantic, sexual, (errrmmm some interesting Calvin Klein PPL on that trailer) 😀

Anyway, I don’t know what else to say. Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!



25 responses to “Fated to love you: Long trailer and endless SPAZZZZZZZ!!!!!

  1. How right you are. 🙂 Please let me know, too, if something about Lee Gun does not remind you of Lee Dae-gil. From Lee Gun’s maniacal laughter – which seems like an amplification of Lee Dae-gil’s sardonic laugh toward the end of Chuno – to his general I-do-as-I-please attitude, Gun makes me wonder if I am watching a modern-day reincarnation of Dae-gil. (The wall of photo-shopped versions of Gun as his own ancestors only adds to this perception, as does the Chuno soundtrack that appears when Gun is attempting to take on the dog.) The loneliness beneath the bravado is similar for both Lees, as is the loss of a first love to her other/new life (whatever that may be). In a distorted sense, could this show be granting us a glimpse of what might have happened had Dae-gil been granted a chance at a happy life, with someone not from his past?

  2. Sold!! Thanks for the trailer, Drama Fan…I’m off now to watch at least the first episode!

  3. Uhm…. I laughed. I snorted. I giggled. I spazzzzzzzzzz! Yeap, and you know which I part I spazz, right? Hint: CK. 🙂 I wasn’t feeling with Mimi (per Gumi’s term for oppa’s hair) but for some reason he looks cool! I can’t wait to watch it now… CAN’T.WAIT!!!!

  4. I’m so ready for this.

  5. BULGE… (I hv no shame *shrug*)

  6. I noticed Fated to Love you is not even a page on Drama Fever. That’s not cool. :/ I bookmarked it through Viki for now.

  7. So true. I’m never bored at nights with so much K-drama to watch, or Asian drama in general. I’m so bad though, I used to be a big book-worm, now I’m like, who has time to read, I need my dramas! I get plenty of time to read at my job, it’s so quiet and no wifi, so if I ever get a laptop or something, I can’t watch…unless we get the signal from the Mcdonalds across the street. lol.
    I would like to marathon fated to love you, but I think it will be fun to watch with my sister, and then follow along on this blog and it won’t be spoilers.

    • True! yessss I was just saying that to not pressure you but we need you!!!!! lol! Plus its only two eps a week 🙂 Say hi to your sister!

      • Aww thanks! That’s one thing I noticed immediately about this blog when I joined. I can feel the love!! (At the same time you were watching Robbers, I was, and stumbled here. :D)

  8. Oh my! So soon! My head is like those cartoons where they spin and spin, then jerk to a halt and their eyes are still twirling. LOL. My drama plate is completely full. I have Trot Lovers, Hotel King, You’re all surrounded, I wanted to start Big Man, History of a salaryman for the K-drama chat group, and now this. Not to mention I always have a J-drama or something cooking on the backburner.

    • Oops! well you can always wait and marathon later 🙂 What is the kdrama chat group?

    • I think I’ll watch Hotel King one day cause my mom is now in love with Lee Da Hae after our Chuno rewatch. It looks like fun soap operaish drama. But it has to be after Fated to love you cause I’ll be busy doing things for the blog 🙂 Isn’t it great though? To have too many fun things to look forward to instead of being bored? hehe (I don’t think I remember what being bored is actually like! no time for it!)

      • Hotel King is mysterious and romantic and cracktastic. Very soapy, but in a good way. I think you’ll like it. I love the soundtrack. The background music I can swear is sampled off of Bernard Hermann, the famous composer who did most of the Hitchcock films. Hotel King music sounds almost exactly like the dramatic Hermann music from, ‘Jane Eyre’ The 1944 version with Orson Welles, it’s my favorite.

  9. That laugh! The hair! (I like it.) LOL. It will be so fun to see Jang Hyuk in a straight up rom-com. He needs that change of genre. So many trailers, but when does this actually come out?

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