Fated to love you: Teaser 2, Mimiiiii!!!!! – Added captures and gifs

Cute! quirky! Jang Nara is adorbsss, Jang Hyuk looks hilarious and he did his dorky laugh so I’m SOLD!

P.S Mimi is such a diva!
P.S 2 Mimi is Lee Geon’s hair
P.S 3 It’s a long story. Just go with it

Official MBC link http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/dlove/preview/index.html?kind=all&progCode=1003048100004100000

Alternative link


2nd teaser from pure on Vimeo.





2nd teaser_00000

2nd teaser_00001

2nd teaser_00002

2nd teaser_00003

2nd teaser_00004

2nd teaser_00005

2nd teaser_00006

8 responses to “Fated to love you: Teaser 2, Mimiiiii!!!!! – Added captures and gifs

  1. How I love your gifs! Can I repost them on Baidu?

    I’m very excited about the releases of all the teasers, BTS or onscreen captures officially or unofficially. They make me want more of them.

  2. I like this trailer! And the big cheeky smiles, the colors, and the funky music. Definitely better than the first trailer. And I love DDee’s idea about his hair becoming first place, though it doesn’t seem like it. You never know.

  3. I’m really glad they came out this one, because it seems to be softening the hearts of those that seemed a little unsure about the first teaser. I liked the first teaser, but I could see how some people would find it a little much.

  4. Awww I really like what I see! It feels like it could be that perfect summer rom-com with the right dose of silly cheesiness (please let it be so, pleaseeeee). And their styling is so pitch perfect for their characters, it’s really assuring that they’ve got the details right. Those bright summer colours too. My god that blue suit is so PERFECT for him. And that hair! It FLIES!! I think the hair is…is..LIFE. I hope he fixates on his hair in the drama, like it’s a character tic. It deserves to be a thing, like a running gag throughout the drama. And if it isn’t, someone can always write some fanfic dedicated to mimi 😀

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