Fated to love you: Lee Geon channels Jackie Chan and more

The official website at MBC released new images and character profiles


Our Hyukie wouldn’t be our Hyukie if he didn’t do at least one action scene in this drama right? 🙂





28 responses to “Fated to love you: Lee Geon channels Jackie Chan and more

  1. Great thing about Jang Hyuk and action is he stays in character.

  2. Haha, so true. Being one of the best action stars around, he can’t escape from doing it in EVERY drama but I think this surely will be done in a more quirky way 😀

  3. I’m sure it’s all Hyukie’s idea to orchestrate these stunts. The scriptwriter or the director wouldn’t have thought of asking the male lead to do this. When the director was interviewed mentioning Hyukie was making lots of suggestions and so well prepared of this drama, I could totally see this coming. It’s just fun and wonderful to see Hyuk do what he’s good at.

  4. Thanks! That would be so cool. I can see them being a great slapstick team. And of course you need a leading lady, maybe a shop owner down the street where JH buys his Uyu and bread every morning. A simple, lovely lady who crushes on him. He has feelings for her, but he’s also nursing some abandonment/commitment issues. (She will be kidnapped once the baddies realize she’s important to JH of course.) We can make this Busan, lay the accent on thick. lol. Love it. And then have a happy ending with grandpa Jackie Chan two years later teaching his toddler grandson some moves. And JH and wife joking he’s just learning to walk. Oh the feels I’m getting right now! LOL

  5. It didn’t occur to me that he might do action in this drama. I’m so please that it seems he will have some action scenes! He’s so good at it; it makes sense they would incorporate some Jang Hyuk in motion.

  6. I love Jackie Chan, and for Jang Hyuk to channel his comic moves, that is gold!

    • How epic would it be for Jackie Chan to be in a comedy action movie with Jang Hyuk?? A father-son team taking down international terrorists (Your standard Jackie plot) , but JH doesn’t know that’s his father and vice versa at first, but they act the same and have the same great comedic martial arts moves.

      So you have a weepy backstory of a time when Super-spy Jackie was stationed in Korea in the seventies and fell madly in love with a Korean woman and never knew he had a son, etc. etc. Naturally Jang Hyuk will add the dramatic depth when he lashes out about how his mother was abandoned and they were poor. She may have been killed by a certain group (The main villains) because they thought she knew something about JC. And a humble, but loving family adopted JH, but he always tried to find his father.

      JC knew about him, but was only trying to protect his son against his enemies all along. And he supported him by entrusting the family with money to raise him. But somewhere along the line he lost contact. JH can be a cop, a wise acre street rat, great at his job. Woow, I can picture an opening split screen scene of them chasing down baddies and doing the exact moves to catch the culprits. Only Jackie is like, “I’m way too old for this.”

      He is brought out of retirement and sent to Korea to find these old villains. So it brings back lots of memories for him and he wants to try and find his son again. Jackie’s dramatic action chops are good to. I actually loved his Mr. Miyagi in the new Karate kid.

      Okay, there goes my mind again…always conjuring stuff.

      • I love your mind! and now we need to call Jackie Chan and pitch this!

      • Lady G, you’re story is so good and so Jackie Chan. I can easily picture Jackie Chan and our Hyukie in it. Wouldn’t great if they could work together!

      • Thank you hahatk. I wonder if it ever occurred to Jang Hyuk to work with Jackie Chan, or if he was ever inspired by him or mentioned him. Wonder if they ever met too. I was thinking of the opening imaginary scene with Robbers and all that action, it was very Jackie to me.

        • I think Jang Hyuk is a Bruce Lee fan (what with the whole Jet Kun Do thing) Jackie Chan is also a Jet Kun Do guy I think, and also well known in Korea. I could “imagine” Jang Hyuk liking Jackie Chan but like you, I haven’t heard him mention him. Now I’d love to rewatch that travel show he recorded, where he visited California. You could feel his passion for cinema since every corner he visited reminded him of a favorite. I think he likes Rocky? Not sure if I’m imagining this.

          • I definitely caught on that he was a Bruce Lee fan. I never saw that travel show. He must have seen a ton of movies for all his inspiration. No wonder he’s such a terrific actor. He probably cherry picks acting styles and incorporates his own. Whatever he does, it works!

            • Awwww Lady G! We need to get that travel show. I think you’d love it! Seeing Jang Hyuk spazzing all over California, especially Hollywood was such a treat! He is definitely a movie buff and spoke of movies and quotes, scenes ahhh unfortunately is not available with eng subs anymore 😢

              • Oh boo! I think people prefer to translate dramas more than variety/reality shows. It reminds me of how America never reruns old gameshows or puts them on DVD or anything. Even though we know they are in the ‘vault’ somewhere.

      • Hyukie is definitely inspired by Jackie Chan. I remember there is this scene that tells how Daegil, General Choi and Wangsun first met in Chuno. They were all fighting for Gen’l Choi’s money. I can see it’s Hyukie choreographed this scene and it’s very JC movies.

        • That’s true! How could I forget the moves in Chuno? I could see Jackie doing the Chinese version with all that action. But he’d make it more comical.

          • Jackie Chan would love Chuno! We need to send it to him! Somebody has JC’s number? anyone?

            • LOL. I can imagine he’s seen it. If he didn’t, he should! They should do a Korean Drama version of the Karate kid, only with Jang Hyuk as the Mr. Miyagi character, younger of course, down on his luck, maybe something tragic happened in the competition. (I saw that plot in Dr. Champ though.) And he takes a boy under his wing, and falls for the mom. That would be so cool. Gahh! There I go again.

  7. Omg, what is he doing upside down??

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