Thank You: Min Kiseo captures and gifs

I made many captures while rewatching Thank You, mostly of Min Kiseo 😀 And I share them here in case anyone wants some to make avatars or small banners. The resolution is not high enough for big projects but I hope somebody enjoys them.

But first,



This cracks me up for some reason


And for some reason, my mothers always cracks up at Dr Min being annoying

RANDOM CAPTURES – of mostly brooding Min Kiseo :p (I guess I like the brooding types?) Click on each photo to see them in full size.


3 responses to “Thank You: Min Kiseo captures and gifs

  1. Jhanysse Ubaldo

    Just finished rewatching it last night but i just can’t get enough of JH that am at this site now, feasting on his photos and stories about him,haha. He was his most handsome self in this drama, i swear. ❤

  2. One of the JH best drama .. I fell in love with Dr Min over and over again…swoooooooooooooo!! DEAD!!!

  3. Thank You is my first and favorite drama of Jang Hyuk ssi. From the last scene of the first episode and the first scene of the 2nd ep., Dr. Min made tremendous impacts on me. I was totally captured by Jang Hyuk. Over the years, I don’t think I can find Dr. Min in Jang Hyuk any more. I just love the most that Hyukie in this kind of character, arrogant outside and warm inside, very few dialogue.

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