Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part IV – Contains Spoilers

Impossible! It’s impossible to be selective! This is the last batch of favorite moments between Young Shin and Min Kiseo, and it seems I just included ALL their scenes. Oh well! I love them! Let’s see how long this post will be.


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MIN KISEO IS PERFECT PART 1 – He can wash his lady’s hair



MIN KISEO IS PERFECT PART 2 – He can cook! Ok, we don’t really know that, but at least he offered

MIN KISEO IS PERFECT PART 3 – Even if he can’t cook, he knows the importance of FOOD! MAJOR BOUNS POINTS MY MINKI! (Marry me now!!!)


Ok, this was a bit TMI, but, he is a doctor after all 🙂



The guy knows how to get to a woman’s heart 🙂

“I WANT TO BE IN YOUR FAMILY” – Despite Suk Hyun’s attempt to discourage Dr Min, he asks Young Shin if he can become part of her family (and we meltssss)






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DR MIN IS JEALOUS OF DOGGY: An now we understand why he kept kicking the dog house. But it was still not nice Dr Min!

I’M JUST DIFFERENT RIGHT? – This scene is so significant and well done. Only actors with the talent of Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin could pull off a scene like this, where almost everything is said with the eyes. She is finally assertive. Does the fact that she doesn’t see a need to rush to find Bom a father mean she is rejecting Dr Min now? His expression suggest disappointment on one hand, but pride on the other. He is proud that Young Shin became more assertive, partially thanks of him. At least, that is what I see! I wonder how you guys interpret this scene.

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5 responses to “Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part IV – Contains Spoilers

  1. Gumi or anyone else can help me? who sang the song Arumdaun sesang (beautiful world)? Lee Bom was “teaching” Dr Min how to sing it on the beach. Thank you

  2. I’m lovin’ it!! Sweet sigh!

  3. Dr.Minnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn myyyyyyy mannnnnnnnnnn oh god he is THE man he’s…he’s all women’s man he is…..gaaaaahhh Dr. Minnnnnnn he’s so good looking, he’s cute, he’s talented, he’s got warm heart, he’s mature, he’s dependable, he knows how to treat his woman!! perfection!!
    yeah i loved that last scene too. how his eyes changed from happiness thinking she’s accepting his propose -> disappointment at realizing she’s not accepting it quite yet -> pride from seeing her confident and on her own feet. And the actors showed all these only with their eyes, nothing else. ridiculously talented.

  4. Omg I’m spazzing!

  5. Ugh they’re so cute with each other.

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