New character stills for Fated to love you: Kim Mi Young and Lee Gun

I think our OTP is already looking cute. Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) looks adorable with her huge glasses and Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) looks obnoxious (look at that face he is making gahhhh) and funny. I’m glad he has longish hair because now I can imagine myself pulling it lol! (Disclaimer: This comment reflects only the opinion of Drama Fan, hater of all jerk chaebols. Gumi is probably thinking “Awwww he is so cute and tiny, I want to protect him! Get your paws off him DF!)

Anyway! What are your thoughts?





11 responses to “New character stills for Fated to love you: Kim Mi Young and Lee Gun

  1. Reblogged this on kdramadreamer and commented:
    I have to share this because I’m really looking forward to this Korean remake of the Taiwanese Drama Fated to love you.

  2. I think these pics look great. They both look like they are right into character. She looks sweet and a push-over who wants to please everyone. He looks arrogant and confident. Also filthy rich

  3. Yeah, I’m on Mimi’s side, it was actually me who named her and decided to protect her from evil DF.
    Both Mimi and Hyukie looking cute!

  4. The wardrobe, the hair, he’s already the ass I love to hate! It’s perfect for the role actually. And Jang Nara is the cutest lead I’ve seen in ages! They are both looking so good that I’m getting really excited for this, and I didn’t see the original or their first drama together so I’m going in with a clean slate.

  5. i’m on DF team. :)) :)) i love Mimi. sorry Gumi. hahahahahaha

  6. He is hot….that hair and me are already a good friend. And Jang Nara omg so cute. She’s so pretty even with that oversize Harry Potter glasses. Imagine that on me, oh no, I feel sick imagining it.

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