FTLY Jang Hyuk filming pic!+Script reading

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Sorry, it’s only his back 😛

buttttt finally!!! I’ve been waiting so long!! Yessss FTLY hwaiting!!



Script reading pic just released!




+more filming pics!




the one in red pants in the back is our dearest female lead, Jang Nara 😛


12 responses to “FTLY Jang Hyuk filming pic!+Script reading

  1. YAY, so at last he started filming 🙂
    But have to say, what is Jang Nara’s secret?? she really never age 😀

  2. btw, i wanna ask. Gumi, did FTLY doesn’t have a page in DC Gallery?

    • No it doesn’t. It’s way too early for DC gall to be made 😛 Usually they are made after drama premiere when the fans request it. Some are made halfway into the drama..Sometimes gallery is made before the premiere too, I think Iris2 gallery was made on the premiere day before the premiere. Anyways, they don’t make it way ahead of time.

      • oh, thanks for the info. looks like korean fan is calmer than international fan. LOL. sometimes international fan open the Soompi thread for the drama after news out even without casting confirmation. becoz of that the thread will be locked by moderator until 3 cast conformation. hahahahaha

        • No it’s not the matter of being calm. It’s becuz fans can’t open them..unlike Soompi where fans can open thread, DC gallery can only be made by its administrators and fans can only request for gallery but no one knows when admin will make gall

  3. his back!!! i mean that back. swooooonnnnn!!! forgive me if i’m drolling all over FTLY page and news today. LOL.

  4. Also reblogged this to Baidu and Weibo. Thanks.

  5. I’m so excited! Thank you so much, Gumi. I have already fallen in love with the back of Lee Gun in the beautiful blue jacket 😀

  6. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Reblogged this on kdramadreamer and commented:
    I love how quickly Gumi and Drama Fan from Stuck on Hyuk find Jang Hyuk news and pics. I’m really looking for to this remake of the Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You.

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