Jang Hyuk reading a comic book

Yup! That’s our breaking news for today bwahahaha! Hey it’s something to calm our thirst for bts news of his current projects Age of innocence and Fated to love you! Hyukah bogoshipda! show that pretty face of yours soon please!




6 responses to “Jang Hyuk reading a comic book

  1. Oh at last new picture of Hyuki ^^
    I like his hair and fresh look here ❤

  2. i like that hairdo. use it..use it…use it…for the drama. chaebal.kkk

  3. Is this going to be his hairdo for the new drama? Is he done with filming the Age of Innocence? He seems able to find time doing other activities with 2 projects going on as well. Or, the production started shooting Jang Nara’s part first?

  4. I’m trying to make out the title… Kim daeri, ong neul? Sa hui kong hon t…? arh, can’t see it clearly. I keep practicing my hangul, even if I don’t know the actual vocabulary meanings I’ve gotten better at reading it. 🙂

  5. Hyukahhhhhhh bogoshipdaaaaaaaaa

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