Thorn aka Innocent Thing – Thoughts on Junki and gifs

Hi! I’m going to repost something I wrote on the comments section (my laziness has reached new levels!) in an attempt to give you some insight on Jang Hyuk’s character (and in order to introduce the gifs I made and conceal the fact that they are absolutely random haha)


Junki was mostly bored and or repressed by his life and that’s how we see him in almost every scene. Even when he is watching soccer he has a “meh” expression, until he starts remembering Young Eun. However when he is smoking, drinking, playing rugby or making love, he comes alive as if he is releasing all that repressed energy.

He has a competitive streak that is hinted at when he is challenged by Young Eun when he couldn’t hit her with the ball. And there is his love for sports. Also I read he had been a succesful athlete. So he has all this inside of him yearning to get out. He may be also going through a midlife crisis and the anxiety that he will be a father soon and therefore will have to give up on his “youthful” dreams and do his “duty”? When he smokes you can see him suck on that cigarette with such need (it makes it seem really desirable and I am totally against smoking) Then again, this P.E teacher makes everything that is “wrong” feel desirable.

IN SUMMARY: Junki sees in Young Eun a way to escape his suffocating life, a way to release his suppressed energy and also, a way to hold on to his youth. All of this until she begins suffocating him as well…

Thorn_junki_apark1 Thorn_junki_apark2 Thorn_junki_apark3 Thorn_junki_begs Thorn_Junki_smoke2 Thorn_junki_smoke3 Thorn_junki_smokes2 Thorn_junki_smokes1

18 responses to “Thorn aka Innocent Thing – Thoughts on Junki and gifs

  1. Oops I was trying to avoid spoiling but yes

  2. I think you are right about Jun-Ki, impressive observation considering you don’t understand the language. 🙂
    It sounded like he gave up rugby, his passion, for his wife and took on a job as a PE teacher for security and better pay. He told his wife that he wanted to resign from the teaching job and take on a coaching job but his wife firmly told him no, he will have to put up with it for their baby. I also got the impression that he didn’t marry his wife for love. His friend thought that they were pregnant with second baby and asked Jun-Ki, didn’t you get married because she was pregnant? I don’t know if she lied to him to get him to marry her or what. Wife said to Jun-Ki that she was living the life that she dreamed about, which was being his wife. She asked him if he was just living with her out of obligation. So it made sense why she was so insecure about Young-eun. I could connect with the wife more than anyone else in this movie.
    I also would have to agree with hahatk’s comments about some scenes that were deleted. I read an interview that JH wanted to convey that Jun-Ki was really falling for Young-Eun and they had mutual feelings for each other but the director didn’t want to go that route and the director won at the end, JH said. I think if the movie went with JH’s interpretation, it would have made more sense. To me, the feeling Jun-Ki had for her was just lust.

    • Lust and escape etc. They were having fun at the Amusement Park and he didn’t look all lusty, more like a kid her age (or younger :p) I understood the wife until she tried to do what she tried to do and then she lost me.

      • I didn’t understand that scene at the amusement park. Was it something in Young-Eun’s imagination or did it happen for real? She was blogging about what happened between them and went to the amusement park scenes without any explanation.

        • According to the original script Im almost sure it happened. She supposedly made him go with her in exchange for her silence. OTOH it is quite possible the director wanted to leave it ambiguous too. And also since she is the one telling the story, we are seeing it through her distorted lense, and real Junki wasn’t “that” happy or even present :p

      • When the wife took Young-Eun to get abortion?

    • And as usual! thanks for clarifying some things for us foreveryuk 🙂 I can’t wait for subs

  3. Thank you for sharing the gifs. I especially like the last 2 when Junki’s smoking out his depression. I love watching Jang Hyuk’s speechless expressions. He’s so good at it.

    Love and agree with your analysis of Junki’s character. We’re all human and make mistakes. How can any men resist such a young and beautiful girl’s seduction? Junki tries to end this fling but it’s totally out of his control. I wish the director didn’t delete Junki’s scenes that I saw in some random clips . There were at least 2 drinking scenes that Junki was drinking with YoungEn and the female teacher. They could definitely let us understand better the inner world of Junki and why he fell for the YoungEn and his misery.

  4. I saw Junki the same way. You described him very well. I especially agree with these two observations you made: 1) However when he is smoking, drinking, playing rugby or making love, he comes alive as if he is releasing all that repressed energy. And 2) Then again, this P.E teacher makes everything that is “wrong” feel desirable.. I will continue to ponder Junki for quite some time. He may not be a righteous character, but as a viewer, I feel like I understand him and the reasoning behind his choices (no matter how wrong or distorted they are).

    • Ive been pondering a lot about Junki. I keep pondering and pondering lol! No, seriously. Ive come to the conclusion that I understand him and all three characters on some level while I judge them and dislike them on another. It’s weird. It makes me uncomfortable but I like it.

  5. Will these older men never, ever learn that pretty young things often turn desperate and clingy? Or see the signs of a clingy, ‘not all there’ woman that will go to some lengths (maybe cause an accident, or attack, or play the ‘I will kill myself’ card?) Though men do that to manipulate women too. It’s disgraceful. Sorry, just thinking of real life, vs. reel life.

    • I don’t think all age gap relationships will turn out like this. These characters were not well adjusted. The three characters had major issues, including the wife

    • Also, I think, well, at least this character (Junki) tried to suppress his desire for the “young thing” but mid life crisis and all, he was in a vulnerable state. They were all wrong, not innocent but it wasn’t that hard to see why they fell down the wrong path. Young Eun is lonely and not “sane”, but I don’t think she is evil, Junki might be weak but he is going through an obvious personal crisis, the wife is very pregnant, you can’t get more vulnerable than that. While I didn’t totally connect emotionally I found the characters “human” and interesting to observe

      • Well as soon as I said Young Eun is not “evil” I remembered some terrible things she did buahaha ok she definitely was crazy and dangerous! That is a fact

      • I’d probably understand that way if I saw it first. I do like your character analysis of him. He has bottled up passions that he can only let loose at certain moments.

  6. ohhhh myyyy smokinnn junkiiii why r u so beautifulllll

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