Jang Hyuk new photos












13 responses to “Jang Hyuk new photos

  1. All are good but i love the 4th and the last the most. Its got a come hither, let me show you what i have got”…lol. truly shameless

  2. every pic is perfect!
    i dunno girls if you would agree… he really looks so good especially if his neck is shown so beautifully. i find it really sexy! (lols sorry belated reply), i just liked your fb page and scoured on almost all posts. ergo, opening all links back here!

  3. All are beautiful, but I esp love the first and the last photo. The first shows intensity, that’s my actor Jang Hyuk, and the last is like…..awww hyukie enjoying sunlight! kinda photo. Either way he’s gonna melt me down with his hotness…

  4. What I really like about these is that they don’t look staged. They show his gentle, peaceful nature. I feel like he has such beautiful inner beauty which is radiates through these images.

    • I like all of them. His expression in the last one is so casual and peaceful. That’s exactly what I like about these. He looks relaxed and it is kind of contagious.

  5. His expression is mostly daydreamy to me. 🙂 And the latter ones are more like ‘come hither.’ lol. I love his sneakers! I’m in the market for new sneakers. Must get a similar ladies pair. I like the no socks. Jang Hyuk always has this carefree style to him, but he does it with class, not sloppiness. His co-star friend and newlywed Oh Ji Ho seems to loathe socks, if you look at any behind the scenes photo of him. 🙂

  6. Very nice photos. I’d comment in detail but I’ll just sound crazy over analysing his expression etc.

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