Hyukie Drawing Project

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, but my laziness wouldn’t allow me to try. So for my entire life the most I’ve been able to draw was stick figures. But my love for Hyuk was big enough that I really really really really wanted to be able to draw him! So I started trying to draw Hyuk…and it kinda looked like this lol.



LOL. There are others that look uglier but I’m not willing to show you guys 😛

But after countless not-so-pretty Jang Hyuks, I did manage to draw some that I relatively liked, and that happened to be my three most beloved Jang Hyuk characters 🙂 So I’m sharing it with you.



And for the first time in my life, I tried to use photoshop to paint one of these, which I found actually kind of fun! Although I did have to search ‘how to ~~ in photoshop’ literally every single step…

So here’s the result, painted OhJoon


That’s the best job I’ve done so far 🙂 Hopefully I can draw something else again…although in my current skill level I prob won’t be able to outdraw that one for a while…

11 responses to “Hyukie Drawing Project

  1. Hey Gumi, I hope you don’t mind; I placed your Ohjoon as my phone wallpaper. I had your new daegil as my wallpaper at first, but I changed it cause I don’t want to get emotional every time I look at my phone lol. Your drawings are making me want to draw more JH too 🙂

  2. Very very nice, Gumi! I love the colored OhJoon ssi the most. You’ve got the passion and gift! Very jealous of you! Why are you so talented in so many ways? This is not fair!

  3. Yow, Gumi!! Fantastic job! Keep going!!

  4. I love these. Your Photoshop colouring is amazing!

  5. Just WOOOOOOW !!! LOVE THEM ❤

  6. One thing I noticed, when you like a celeb enough to draw, you learn their features perfectly, as I see you are doing here. I did that way back in 1999, I was always in love with actor Clancy Brown and even started an art page with an online friend. I loved drawing his unique, broad face. Here’s an old sample-

    The real photo:

    My art attempt:

    This I felt was my best and favorite:

    Keep up the great work and continue to practice with Jang Hyuk! I used to study art and went to art school for a year, but it didn’t stick. I liked it more for a hobby and there were so many better than me. Maybe I should have continued in a different field of art, like the computers. But oh well! No regrets. I always loved illustration! Now everything is done with computers. But I appreciate drawings and paintings most for book covers and things.

  7. You have progressed so fast! I’m actually very jelaous. You are talented in many areas but just don’t know it or you are simply lazy haha! But the things you do when you get inspired! Amazing!

  8. I really like these! It’s like a comic book/manhwa/manga version of Jang Hyuk. A really unique style. I used to draw all the time too. It’s been over a dozen years since I picked up a pencil. I should try a Jang Hyuk sketch. This is inspiring! Portraits were my favorite thing and I was pretty good at them too.

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