3/27/14 Thorn – 1st round of interviews and photos with Jang Hyuk


It’s so nice to wake up to Jang Hyuk news and especially if they are accompanied with gorgeous photos. This time the stylist did a good job in taming “the hair” so it is easier to focus on his handsome face.


These photos are the result of a round of interviews done for the press as part of the Thorn promotion


Here are some excerpts from the interviews: (translation by Gumi)

He mentioned he does not plan to be a regular on Variety Shows anytime soon. He mentioned he wants to to do a “special project” every 10 years. And that project will be a one time thing.


Q: Kim Sooro recommended you to do theater. Do you want to try it?
A: I do have admiration for the stage. But as of now, I’m more attracted to portrayal through video.


He said “Real Men” was a healing experience for him “It wasn’t because I wanted to do Variety shows that I chose to do Real Men. I wanted to reflect on my past and have a good influence on my future. It definitely wasn’t only for fun and quitting was also a careful decision. It was not easy”


They asked him if he keeps in touch with Real Men members. He said he has not recently, but he invited some soldiers on vacation to the Thorn filming site.


Links to the full interviews in korean:


TV Daily

TV Report 1

TV Report 2


8 responses to “3/27/14 Thorn – 1st round of interviews and photos with Jang Hyuk

  1. At last some new pictures to Swooon over, kk ^^

  2. Reblogged this on Ahjussi Fan and commented:
    Beautiful namja ^^

  3. I wonder what special projects he has in store every 10 years? Maybe something that ventures out of the acting realm. Maybe he wants to direct and write his own films? Or get involved in other works, like a business or writing books. Cool. Thanks for translating those parts. 🙂 The pictures are gorgeous.

  4. All I can say not only is he a great actor but boy he is one heck of a good looking man

  5. You made my day this morning by sharing these beautiful pictures and excerpts of the interviews. Finally I don’t need to complain about Hyuk’s hairdo. Hyuk looks wonderful, refreshing and handsome. He was so skinny when filming Thorn while doing the Real Man.

    I’d like to share these interviews in Baidu. However, Baidu normally doesn’t allow sharing most of the outside links 😦

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