Thank You: Min Kiseo vs Suk Hyun – Spoilers

If you haven’t watched Thank You I urge to stop here since this post contains big spoilers. The appeal of Thank You is not in the plot but in the character development, their dialogues and the interpretation of these characters, so I really encourage you to watch it first.


On my first watch Suk Hyun played by Shin Sung Rok, simply irritated me and I felt like fast forwarding his scenes. On my second watch I appreciated the role he plays in the story. He is still not my favorite character and I think his “pondering inside a car under the rain scenes”, were unnecessarily long, but I realized his importance and how difficult the role must’ve been for the actor.



Suk Hyun wasn’t a bad guy. Here he is trying to get Min Kiseo out of jail

Suk Kyun is interesting because he is strong as a businessman but weak in his personal relationships. He chooses the “cold” calculating path but deep down he really is a sensitive fellow.


He was a coward in regards to Young Shin (betting with his friends, that he would sleep with her, when deep down he had always being in love with her) a total coward when it comes to Bom. His selfishness, passiveness and indecision hurt them, and if there was one lesson to learn from this story is that, there aren’t always second chances. Very realistic!


Min Kiseo gave Suk Hyun many chances to try to recuperate Young Shin, but Suk Hyun was too slow in making up his mind

I think there is a contrast between the characters of Min Kiseo and Suk Hyun that is purposely emphasized at key moments in the story. Min Kiseo is not passive. Whenever he tries to “avoid” getting involved because he has been hurt, etc there is something in his nature that pushes him to act, despite his conscious decision to not participate. Suk Hyun tends to avoid, run and/or sleep from his own problems.


Suk Hyun is asleep in his car, while Min Kiseo runs in his

There is a scene when Young Shin is to be transported in an ambulance. The paramedics ask who will accompany the patient. Suk Hyun is about to speak when Min Kiseo leaves him without a chance by answering faster and entering the ambulance! It’s a small but significant scene


And here come some of my favorite conversations between them regarding Young Shin and Bom

MIN KISEO PICKS UP BOM FROM SEOUL He gives Suk Hyun another chance








Tears form in Min Kiseo’s eyes. He is resigned to step aside.





I loved this insult












And he finally remembers he is a father. A little too late buddy!

In the end Suk Hyun came to his senses. But boy did he try our patience! 😀

9 responses to “Thank You: Min Kiseo vs Suk Hyun – Spoilers

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  2. Drama Fan, another wonderful post. 🙂
    I like your comparison between Ki-Seo and Suk Hyun. I might add that they are similar in that their downfall stems from self-pity. Ki-Seo’s self-pity leads to self destruction and hatred towards the entire world while Suk Hynk’s self-pity leads to his drive to become successful.

    The way I see it, it took Suk-Hyun a good while to come around because he was so blinded by his resentment towards his father who abandoned him. As Suk Hyun says to his mom, his only goal in life, which was also his mother’s goal, was for him to become a successful, powerful man so that he could show up in front of his dad one day and make him regret what he gave up. Getting together with Young-Shin would mean that he would give up on this goal and also abandoning his mother. Choosing Young-Shin and Bom over his mother was something that he just couldn’t bear to do. Then he finds out that even though he and Bom are in the same situation, both abandoned by their father, Bom thought of his father as the most wonderful person in the whole world while he was engulfed by thoughts of revenge and resentment towards his father. He feels “ashamed” by this because he is worse than his father… at least he knows who his father is and his father lived with him for many years before abandoning him. He forgives his father and finally comes to his senses…but a little too late.

    • Interesting and true. As many korean drama men, these two both had issues with their parents too :p especially the image of the father. And both end reconciling with whatever that image or expectation was (they matured, I mean how long can a person blame the parents for everything right? we all hopefully stop doing it as we grow up) They both ended up understanding their father. I agree on self pity being their downfall, but I also see a contrast between them in personality or is it, their nature? I’m not sure. Min Kiseo is definitely more prone to action. He also doesn’t believe in letting go or giving up easily as we could see every time he stubbornly tried to save someone’s life. Every time he failed he was devastated, but somehow got up again. I liked this about him and it was one characteristic he had throughout (that stubbornness), of course he had many flaws he thankfully evolved from. Now the positive outlook in life, is something Young Shin and Bom showed him. Suk Hyun took his damn sweet time but he also came to terms with his demons and that was great to watch. Ah beautiful drama and characters, they were so seemingly simple but so human, therefore very complex, to the point where I don’t think I know them completely so I keep being fascinated by them. I feel I discover a new aspect every time I rewatch a scene, and your observations also give me a new perspective.

      • Yes, it was great to watch the characters evolve. I think Ki-Seo lost faith in human being in general and also in his profession as a physician when his father euthanized a patient and lost his license to practice medicine. With his father’s decision came the destruction of his family and his life. He acted like a total jerk (at the beginning), but inside was still a very compassionate man. Young-Shin could see through that exterior (she said to him something like ‘how are you going to survive this tough world being so kind and compassionate?’) As his father said a few times, Ki-Seo had a “kind heart” and was born to practice medicine. Even when Ki-Seo swore not to practice medicine anymore, he couldn’t pass by someone who needed help because that was his nature.
        Ki-Seo and Young-Shin complemented each other just perfectly. Ki-Seo showed her that she had great qualities in her, qualities that he can only dream of having, and helped her gain confidence in herself. And as you said, Young-Shin and Bom showed him to have positive outlook on life and to see the world as a beautiful place.
        I have to admit, when I first started watching Thank You, I didn’t love it. I felt the story moved just too slowly and there wasn’t much of a plot. But the second time I watched it, I saw all these characters were so “human” and complex and the interactions between these characters made this drama so interesting to watch.

    • I agree that Suk Hyun’s transformation begins through his relationship with Bom, she was his first eye opener. When she told him what she thought of the father she didn’t even know. I think both Min Kiseo and Suk Hyun learned a lot from Young Shin, Mr Lee’s and Bom’s way to confront life. Both men were transformed and made better by that sweet family. But there was also a reaction to Min Kiseo’s attitude with Young Shin, his assertiveness, and the fact that he became a new father figure to Bom, which ended up slapping Suk Hyun into waking up ha! And I also feel that Min Kiseo’s insistence that Young Shin become “stronger” was positive for her.

  3. I really like your comparison of the two men. I obviously am much more of a fan of Dr. Min. He gives Sum Hyun oodles of chances to step up. I didn’t dislike Sum Hyun, but his indecision and overly passive nature annoyed me. I think he had a good heart, but why it took him so long to make a decision, i’m not sure. I guess what finally woke him up, was that him and Bom formed a bond or because of her illness. Maybe also because the position of father he avoided filling all this time was being threatened by Dr. Min’s involvement and growing relationship with the family. I was annoyed when he threw the father card. Ya, I get he’s the father, but where had he been all this time Mr. “Father”?

    Now for Dr. Min, I loved his non-hesitant personality. I like how he would freely speak his mind. He would never sugarcoat things, but always tell it like it is. I think this was also really good for his relationship with Young Shin. I like the scene where Young Shin is feverish and falling apart because Bom is missing, but he gets her to snap out of it with his truthful words. His factual way of talking had a very positive effect on her. Maybe his blunt way of speaking also made Suk Hyun snap out of his non-committal slumber as well.

    • Sometimes I think he was too blunt! and liked it when she scolded him 🙂 but at the same time, she did need a bit of shaking. They were a great couple. They influenced each other in a positive way.

      • I agree with you. He was often too blunt but they did influence each other in a positive way for sure. She really influences him for the better. He grows so much. I really thought he was a jerk at first. I get why, but he was pretty terrible at times towards the beginning. Very cold.

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