Jang Hyuk, the flower boy?

Nowadays the name Jang Hyuk would never appear in the same sentence as flower boy. Our favorite ahjussi is sexy, handsome, hot, manly, super manly, but flowery? Err nope. However, did you know that there was a time where Jang Hyuk was nicknamed White Girl? Teehee

Here is some evidence of his flowery past (As always thanks to Zoi from the Just Jang Hyuk blog for posting these videos)




20 responses to “Jang Hyuk, the flower boy?

  1. DANG IT why is he in the shower with his shirt ON?? It needs to be off! That’s what struck me the most more so than the shock of seeing Daegil like this ;P

  2. That’s sooo great! The first video – Not too flowery. More like a black orchid. haha. 2nd video, much more flowery, omg, the nineties, we all had that girl’s orangey brown lipstick! My favorite was “Toast of New York” by Revlon. And “Real Raisin” by L’oreal. hahahaha. Oh boy, I want to go buy Real Raisin tomorrow. They discontinued the best version of it in the silver tube. grr!
    Those photos at the bottom are like white lilies. lol. But you can still see there’s a real man budding forth from those petals!

    • The black orchid is a lethal variety of flower boy. Flowery but manly? Bad boy might give you a heart attack but you will die happy 😋 I am a total ignorant regarding lipsticks! 😳

      • LOL. It’s definitely the ‘bad boy’ flower. The dark and brooding type. Those were my biggest go-to lipsticks in my teens and early twenties. I miss them now. haha

  3. Giggle. I would have never placed JH as a flower boy! I mean, seriously, in my mind he’s more beast-man than flower boy! XD

    • Yeah I don’t love the term beast man to be honest. He is really too adorkable for that and the whole beasty image kind of negates his vulnerable side, which is my favorite side of his 🙂 To me he is as they say a “real man” or simply manly. But yeah he had his pretty boy past too hehe

      • Aw. I totally mean “beast man” in a loving way 😉 Someone once poked around my blog & concluded that I like “beastly” men, which made me laugh and that’s why I call JH “beastly” Lol. And indeed, I do mean manly manly man ^.~

      • I don’t see him as beastly at all either. But I know what K-fangurl meant by the term. I think I even joked with her on her blog, comparing her taste in men (JH, GY, and KWB to like Wild cats! LOL) He definitely has ‘cool nerd’ written all over him, especially when he wears glasses. But don’t underestimate him, because he will go all Jeet Kune Do on your behind! haha.

  4. Hahahaha, too young and too pretty.
    And if you did TJ, I’m not the one who’ll be embarassed, it would be Jang Hyuk instead.

  5. Ahahahahahahahahahha….I can’t stop laughing. And somehow I feel a little embarrassed of him too.

    • Lol why? it’s not like I did a hommage to TJ (don’t give me ideas) There is a music video where he was truly like a while girl, where the screencaps come from, but I couldn’t find it. It’s one of his earliest appearances. I think he was quite pretty

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