A good way to hook your friends on Chuno – Amazing MVs

All the emotions provoked by Zhaoul’s review of Chuno has made me wish that more people were turned into Chunoholics 🙂 All humanity deserves to enjoy this masterpiece. So, besides pointing everyone to Zhaoul’s review and also Kfangurl’s review, another way to entice new fans would be to show them some Fan Made MV’s.

I found a collection made by user TM Collection  on Youtube.  It has a range of themes and use the OST from the drama itself.

Action MV – Chuno OST – Gloomy 30’s

Three Slave Hunters bromance – Chuno OST – Wanted

Sad Daegil MV – Chuno OST – Lim Jae Bum

Cheol Woong Hwang Vs TaeHa MV – Chuno OST

Eop Bok Slave Revolt MV – Chuno OST


Daegil and Sulhwa


22 responses to “A good way to hook your friends on Chuno – Amazing MVs

  1. clutching my chest at daegil and sulhwa mv!

  2. Have watched Chuno again. First time i watched it when it was broadcast, didnt think much abt it except for the character Daegil. This time decided to watch it after i finished Thank You, and wow, what a difference. Can see clearly Jang Hyuk has matured in his acting since Thank You. Agree that the one thing that bites clearly in this drama is Daegil who cares not only for the woman he loves but all his friends including his “enemies”..the scene where he scratches the toe, etc. i cried buckets for a character like Daegil.

  3. I’m going to show this to my coworker. I’m trying to get her to watch jang hyuk but she doesn’t like sad dramas. She doesn’t believe me that it’s worth it.

  4. I’m searching for a free time to start rewatching Chuno, in 720P ^^

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