My heart’s shattered – Review of the Epic Drama Chuno

No words can express how much I love this Chuno review by Zhaoul from kdramadreamer


Chuno (The Slave Hunters)

Welcome to the world of Chuno (The Slave Hunters). It’s a world that you enter into rather than just sitting and watching a drama. You get engrossed in their world. It’s a painful world, full of disappointment and anguish. Not an ideal world. A world where everything can change at the drop of a hat. One minute noble, next minute slave – One minute slave, next minute noble, then boom! Dead. Noble to slave hunter – Happiness to sorrow. This is a cruel world, but my heart was captured by it. It was captured in a way that I could imagine myself a part of this world, as cruel as it is. It’s not often that a drama truly haunts me afterwards – Where the remnant memories of what I witness follow me and truly affect me. Truthfully, my heart was captured by Dae-gil, the Slave Hunter. The beauty and pain…

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3 responses to “My heart’s shattered – Review of the Epic Drama Chuno

  1. Well, I’m here commenting in 2020 because I long for the feels that Chuno gave me. I’m commenting here where no one will probably see it just because this happened so long ago so so hopefully I won’t offend anybody but also hopefully only DramaFan or Zhaoul will see it and be moved to post something about my question. Here it is:

    Was Chuno a fluke? In searching to fufill that big whole in my heart, I’ve watched other shows that I’ve been told were produced by the same team and… nothing. Despite my being a die-hard fan of Rain’s and enjoying seeing him on my screen for Fugitive Plan B, I can’t even remember what that show was about (although I do remember how Rain filled out those pants and white dress shirt and I remember lots of individual scenes but did it even have a plot?). Back to the point – I’m now watching Basketball and 😕. I could’ve enjoyed Inspiring Generation but that went to all types of crazy once the writers left around episode 9 or thereabouts.

    So back to my question – was Chuno a fluke? Or maybe, because once heard it said that Jang Hyuk talks, A LOT, to directors and gives input, maybe he saved Chuno and made it what it was beyond the abs of glory. Any thoughts?

    • I, for one, make Jang Hyuk responsible for at least 50% of Chuno’s greatness. Jang Hyuk is an actor that could be a director, he pays so much attention to all aspects of the drama, not just his character. Of course, he can’t do miracles alone. Chuno’s PD is a good professional with his own vision (I agree, most of his other dramas have been flops unfortunately, but try to check out Conspiracy in the Court, its a short sageuk, only 8 eps, older than Chuno and more deppressing even, but there you can “feel” the PD has his own style and vision. You might be able to get a bit of Chuno “flavor” in it. However I believe the success of Chuno was definitely due to the combination of that PD, who fell in love with Jang Hyuk and was willing to embrace his ideas too. Those two made it what it was. Jang Hyuk can be great but he needs a PD that will synch with him, let him do his thing and set the overall mood, like Fated to love you PD, Money Flower PD (my favorite) and to a certain extent, My Country PD (if Jang Hyuk had been the actual protagonist, that one could’ve ended being, another Chuno, imo)

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