Thorn Teaser 1, Screencap

Ahjussi Fan is now the Queen of the screen caps too 🙂 Thank you for these AF!

Ahjussi Fan

The not so busy me got nothing to do so I decided to screencap “Thorn teaser 1”. Lets feast our eyes with the beautiful Teacher Junki.

Don’t look at her like that. She’s dangerous. You’ll regret it

08 Just focus on the beautiful man

09 Can’t really blame her

Fotor0305205247 Now, this girl is really scary

Fotor0305215031 I told you she’s dangerous. That’s a knife!

06 And I already said, you will regret it

Fotor0305215253 For her, this is all love

Fotor030521548 But for him this is crazy, creepy and scary!

Fotor0305210338 What are you going to do now Teacher Junki??

Okay, loling at the expression.

Beautiful Teacher Junki



Fearless Scary Student

Fotor0305220143 =_=”

Coming soon on your theater this April.

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