Thorn official poster

The character played by Jo BoA seems to be fatally attracted to Jang Hyuk’s Joon Ki in Thorn. I’m sorry but I can’t say I blame the girl…



10 responses to “Thorn official poster

  1. AIGO!what is that pic?awww NOOOOO!that is a sexi picccc!ANDE…NA SHIROOOO

  2. Haven’t seen this picture/poster before! Love it! I hope this is not just another Fatal Attraction version. Hope the director and Hyuk will surprise me in this movie 😀

  3. I want to see Sun Woo Sun kick her to the curb! I like her! I don’t know how this drama is gonna go, but if he were my husband I wouldn’t cower to some little high-schooler try and ruin my life and marriage. She looks demented. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn to ‘Misery.’ LOL

    • It makes me think of the 1996 movie fear with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg. In that movie she likes him and things are going well at first and then he ends up being a psycho. But they’re both teens in that movie.

      • I’m also thinking of all those psycho baby-sitter type movies and tv movies. Wonder where they will go with this.

        • Ya i’m not sure.

        • My realistic expectations on this one are zero. This is the Volcano High director and I didn’t even understand that movie. It’s a different genre but still, not expecting much. My deluded fangirl heart wants to believe this movie will be worth it on some level. At least to bring more variety to Jang Hyuk’s already versatile career. I don’t think he has played this type of role or genre before.

  4. What!!! new PIC!? This chic looks crazy. Man he looks sexy. I’m so curious about this movie.

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