Jang Hyuk on Win Win E09 100406 (Eng Sub)

Win Win Ep09 100406

Win Win part1_00003

This is such a precious talk show! It was right after Chuno, and people wanted to hear a lot about the hero of Chuno, and this show perfectly served its purpose. There are episodes about Chuno shared in this show, on top of his overall life story. He’s sincere, serious and adorable as always! Plus, you get to see him sing and dance!

btw, it was subbed by myself, so bear with all the non-professionalism. Feel free to ask any question. Then, enjoy!

WinWin Part1

WinWin Part2

WinWin Part3

WinWin Part4


20 responses to “Jang Hyuk on Win Win E09 100406 (Eng Sub)

  1. Sorry but I can’t watch part 1, part 2 and part 4
    Can you reup, please

  2. I’ll be forever grateful if you could re-upload this! Can’t seem to find it anywhere online anymore T.T

  3. Gumi, many many thanks for the eng sub. You know i saw this in youtube and still watched the videos without understanding it bec there’s no eng sub and i’m wondering if someone can translate it bec i saw their expressions and want know they’re talking about. So grateful for your work that we’re able to know him more deeper and appreciate him more not just an actor but as a person. Thank you so much!!

  4. Amazing man we should learn from, not job so admire. More powerful than a teacher….

  5. Thank you for much for sharing this, I was so touched by his words to his wife~~ He is great!!!

  6. Thanks for the videos, love them !

  7. Thanks gumi for the English translation of Win Win videos! I’ve come to know more thereby love more this great actor and great man called JANG HYUK!

  8. Got to see him sing, dance and rap in one show is really a pleasant treat. He is so funny without even trying. And i love how he remained grounded inspite of his popularity, and how he is so loving and swèet towards his wife. Oh this man, can’t find the right words to describe him. Thanks so much Gumi and Drama Fan for all your hardwork. You both are instrumental in discovering my love and admiration for Jang Hyuk.

  9. loving your blog already! thanks for this post.

  10. OMO. The hair. It’s so 70’s but I love this look! It’s super hot on him. The longer his hair, the more I like the look. Hmm… *reflects upon self*

  11. Thank you Gumie..cheongman. This is one side of JH we dont see much. He stays humble and works very hard becos of his past experiences and his family support. Didnt know he can sing so out of tune and look so good.

  12. Kamsahamnida!! Awesome!! Can’t help but laughed so hard !! I cried when he said those messages to his wifey, I can feel him !!
    I’ve been reading & watching everything about him since FTLY.
    Thanks a million!

  13. thank you so much for this! I had a great time watching it and getting a glimpse of jang hyuk the actor

  14. Like as soon as I get in the car it’s playing 🙂

  15. So I finished watching this and it was really good. “Creep” is my favorite Radiohead song. It was really cool to hear him sing it and find out he liked it. Thanks again for posting this.

    • Hi Zhaoul, He likes it a lot. He always sings it and apparently he likes to torture his friends by singing this at karaoke. I love how enthusiastically out of tune he sings lol! He sounds so bad but has the right attitude looking at the camera so sexy! It cracks me up.

  16. WOW dear, thanks a lot for this. I LOVE this episode and I remeber seeing some subs for some parts back then but to see it all subbed!!! What a wonderful gift ❤

  17. Gumi, Thank you! I’m going to watch this tonight before I finalize my Chuno review!

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