THORN Teaser 1

I watched it for ten times before it occurred to me that we should probably share it on our blog.


Dictation&Translation of what’s said there for those who might want it:

절 어떻게 생각하세요? How do you think of me?
영은아…그만 하자. YoungEun-ah..Let’s stop this.
미치겠다고 이제. I’m going crazy now.
원래 겁 없거든요. I’m fearless, you know.
넌 장난감이었을 뿐이야. You were just a toy.
사랑이야. It’s love.
그건 사랑하고 다른거야. It’s different from love.
사랑이 아니면, 뭔데요? If it’s not love, what is it?

17 responses to “THORN Teaser 1

  1. just..Jang Hyuk have a wife in that movie?

  2. um..she kill herself!hum?

  3. Reblogged this on kdramadreamer and commented:
    Can’t wait for this movie. Looks like a very different role for Jang Hyuk.

  4. Omg. That’s all I have to say.

  5. I want to keep my expectations low regarding the plot but I already love Jang Hyuk’s interpretation. He is once again a completely different persona wow. I haven’t seen any other character by him that gives me this vibe. I love how he is challenging that macho beasty image people tend to associate him with. Whether I like the movie or not, I will appreciate that choice

  6. I want more teasers! I want to see this movie badly. Poor JunKi ssi ! Normally I don’t even feel sorry for married men betraying their wives.

  7. Okay, watched it over again, and again…I feel bad for his wife, and omg, he woke up, his wife is in the bed with him sleeping and she’s hovering over the bed watching! Creepy!

    • I loved that scene, cuz I loved seeing Junki freeeeaaaaking out. He freaks out, opens his eyes widely, and immediately gets conscious of his wife sleeping behind him. Loved how scared he was at that moment.

  8. Wow intense! I can see how this is a different role for him. I was like come one, give her a Dae Gil kick! LOL. He’s just like an average guy. I have a feeling he may have got involved in an indiscretion with her. That’s the usual story isn’t it? Man can’t control himself, hurts his family by a secret affair, and then pays for it because the lover is a nutcase. I’m really curious about any twists in this.

  9. Reblogged this on Ahjussi Fan and commented:
    The most anticipated movie for me for now. Enjoy the teaser, they did great in changing the title from ‘Strawberry Milk’ to ‘Thorn’. Strawberry has no right to be here!

  10. “사랑이 아니면 뭔데요?” Now this girl is really crazy, 완전 stalker.

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