Jang Hyuk for Schick Groomer

Ahjussi Fan is the Queen of the brief but “important” posts. Here is Jang Hyuk shaving his manly face, showing us his manly smile because he is Jang Hyuk and he does everything manly lolz Alright whatev! just click on it and swoon already!


Ahjussi Fan


Have you watch this? I just love this look 😉

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11 responses to “Jang Hyuk for Schick Groomer

  1. I still have to say. The Hair! I love it!!! Okay, run away to work.

  2. You added a picture!

  3. Swoon, swoon …. And swoon!

  4. Awesome! Is this recent? He looks great.

    • Yes it is recent. Im glad they pulled his hair back. It is currently a royal mess but looks better like this I think

      • LOL. Yes, we need to see that sly, handsome face! His face is too slender to have his hair covering it I think.

        • His face is slender but he has that chiseled strong manly jaw. I’ve actually read people complaining about his jaw (people will complain about anything) anyway me loves it! I feel like the girl on 5 senses of Eros, waxing poetic about his face buahaha. Aaasshhh I need to work. Ahjussi Fan always does this to me

  5. Yes loved it 100% ♡♡ heart beat is running wild.

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