Dance of the Dragon Quick Review

Zhaoul @ Kdramadreamer continues on her Jang Hyuk dramas and movies marathon and we at Stuck on Hyuk support her 100% hehe! But pace yourself girl! You’ll run out of Jang Hyuk too soon 🙂 Here is her review of Dance of the Dragon, with which I agree a lot.



A few days ago I watched the Korean 2008 Movie Dance of the Dragon. I usually enjoy dance movies no matter the genre. I can’t say I really liked this movie very much though. It wasn’t bad, I just felt it could have been better.

Quick Synopsis: Kwan (Jang Hyuk) has wanted to become a ballroom dancer ever since he was a child and saw a performance with his mother. Emi (Fann Wong) sees that he has potential even though he has never been professionally trained and has a lot to learn. Her partner Cheng (Jason Scott Lee) is immediately jealous Kwan.


My Thoughts:

So, it was a little strange for me when I started watching this, and saw Jang Hyuk in this role. He played it very well, but it was so different then anything else I had seen him in. It took me maybe 20 minutes to get used…

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3 responses to “Dance of the Dragon Quick Review

  1. I’d really like to see this one, even if it’s not the best. I’d love to see Jang Hyuk dance. Jason Scott Lee looks fierce in this. In my mind he’s forever “Bruce Lee” and “Mowgli” from the Jungle Book movie. :p

  2. Haha! I’m trying to pace myself (sort of).

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