Chuno Daegil MV

Haha I just did something stupid….I uploaded a MV that I did long time ago, forgetting the fact that I already uploaded it. So I deleted that one, lol, hopefully no one saw it…

Hopefully I haven’t shared this one yet. This is actually the first ever MV I ever made in my life. I was looking up “how to..blahblah” to make this outta Windows Movie Maker and it was such a pain 😛 But I just loved Daegil that much…


3 responses to “Chuno Daegil MV

  1. OMG, me love it. Especially the ending T^T

  2. After watching this I went speechless for a few minutes. I think I sometimes forget just how SEXY this man is. Daegil is the epitome of SEXINESS! Every single move is just mesmerizing. You captured many of his best moments here! Excellent work!

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