Kdrama “Thank you” quick review

Ahhhhh I love this!



Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Comedy

Hello my drama watching friends. I’ve been silent in the world of blogging recently because I’ve been in complete Kdrama focus watching mode. I finished watching the 2007 drama “Thank you” about 3 hours ago. It’s been an intense past 4 days.

I really, really enjoyed this drama. First of all, it introduced my to my newest crush, Jang Hyuk. Oh wow, was he great. Now I’m going to have to find more dramas, and movies he’s been in (so please let me know if you have any recommendations).


I guess one of the things I liked the most about this drama was the heartfelt story which goes hand in hand with these amazing characters that make the story.

So basically this little girl, Lee Bom played by Seo Shin Ae is infected with HIV/AIDS due to a doctor’s unintentional mistake. The doctor carries this guilt, and…

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