We got Liebstered! Thank you friends!

An award given to new bloggers by their fellow bloggers

Yup! I made my own version of the Award. It is a bit ugly but it is mine 🙂

Here is our reaction when we received our first Liebster from DramaNoona!


Except we are prettier than these guys. Ok, at least prettier than Seo Kyung-Seok (Gumi chimes in: and definitely not prettier than Jang Hyuk!)

And here is what we did when we received our second Liebster from DDee!

Sooro's "Point Dance" was popular in Korea in 2006

They look serious, but it’s a happy dance!

Yes dear friends, we didnt receive just 1 award, we got 2! It is a great honor coming from these lovely ladies whose blogs we visit frequently and love.

DramaNoona is, as her nickname suggests, a fan of Noona romances, happy endings and she is also writing a story based on dramas, entitled “Heart Murmurs”!

DDee, from the Obsessive Compulsive Drama Watching Disorder Who doesn’t love DDee? only those who haven’t met her right? Visit her blog. You will find yourself loling even about posts  covering dramas and people you don’t know! She is that hilarious!

Gracias amigas! Gomawo!

The idea behind the Liebster is to encourage new bloggers. Bloggers nominate other bloggers that have less than 200 followers thus introducing them to new followers etc. A pretty cool idea, in our opinion!

So here are the rules:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Ok now, on to the questions:


1)Why did you start blogging?

I think it was post Iris 2 therapy for me. I didn’t like that drama but I owe it a few things. An important one is that I met Gumi my blogger partner in crime. We bonded over our disappointment with the first and hopefully only drama with Jang Hyuk that we haven’t been able to enjoy. And after it ended, we started to frenetically re watch all “the good stuff” maybe to forget it faster ha! On this link we also explain other reasons why we started this blog 🙂

2) How did you come up with the name of your blog?

Haha! that was the product of a long session of brainstorming, brainsqueezing and brainsmashing I had with Gumi. Finally it was picked out of exhaustion! We wanted something simple that include Jang Hyuk’s full name, (for SEO purposes) but the good ones like Just…Jang Hyuk was already taken, years ago by wonderful blogger Zoi (We love you Zoi!!!) and so forth. So after many ridiculous candidates like “His Royal Hyukness” and “Hooked on Hyuk” lol! we ended up with Stuck on Hyuk which is also reminiscent of the song “Stuck on you”

3) Who is your favorite author?

DramaFan: Various and from various genres but Tolkien, Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Allende are among my favorites

Gumi: Eh, I don’t really have a favorite author…I don’t follow authors, I just read books, haha. Oh, actually, I do have a favorite author in Korea. Her name is Jeon Min Hee, and she writes amazing fantasy novels…I definitely would recommend her, but I guess you need to understand Korean, lol.

4) What type of show/movie is your guilty pleasure?

DramaFan: I’ve always leaned towards the corny, the campy, cheesy, kitsch, you name it! So I can’t really think of a proper guilty pleasure! I like cheese, shamelessly? I like, sci fi, fantasy, etc. And I’m absolutely non critical when it comes to comedies! I’ll laugh at the dumbest most ridiculous things!

Gumi: I don’t feel guilty for any of my pleasure!

5) Do you have someone to watch dramas with?

DramaFan: Yes! My mom! she is my best k-drama watching buddy ever! sometimes it is because of her that I get to finish dramas I would otherwise drop. I also have my twitter friends.

Gumi: I desperately make them, wherever I go. I give tailored recommendations to my friends and persistently cling on them to watch dramas together with me. Sometimes it works perfectly, and I have a drama buddy! For me it’s rewatching but it’s as exciting as watching it for the first time. Have succeeded that with Tamra the Love Island four times, Chuno three times, Thank You three times, Robbers twice, etc.

6) What is your favorite drama genre?

DramaFan: Sageuk, because besides liking history, and enjoying “googling historical facts” with mom, as much as watching the drama itself, sageuk tends to have a little bit of everything, sometimes fantasy elements, comedy, drama, etc. I also feel the acting tends to be more polished. And I like period pieces from other countries as well.

Gumi: I guess Sageuk. I was kinda interested in Korean history when I was young. I also like traditional clothes, they look pretty. Sageuk also allow more dramatic situations.

7) Do you watch dramas from multiple countries?

DramaFan: Yes, before k-drama, I was getting into a Bollywood phase and coming out of a British dramas/series phase. I’ve watched movies and shows from different latin american countries,  Spain, and there is obviously Hollywood

Gumi: Not really…I did watch some Japanese dramas before. I think I only watch K drama now. I’m actually trying to watch some Chinese/Taiwanese dramas.

8) If you could meet any actor, from any country, who would you meet?

DramaFan: Jang Hyuk! (I guess that was obvious)

Gumi: Jang Hyuk! 장혁! 张赫!チャンヒョく!

9) Who is your current drama crush?

DramaFan: I crush more on characters than actors, yeah, plenty of those, besides Jang Hyuk characters of course ,there is Bidam from Queen Seondeok (Kim Nam Gil), Hang Kang from 49 Days (Jo Hyun Jae), etc Its hard to count them all, I tend to crush on at least one male character, while I’m watching a drama. Right now I’m into the Yuan emperor on Empress Ki (Jin Chang Wook) and Hyung Joon on Miss Korea (Lee Sun Kyun)

Gumi: Daegil from Chuno (Jang Hyuk), Kiseo from Thank You (Jang Hyuk), Oh Joon from Robbers (Jang Hyuk)….lol. They are only ‘current’ crushes and all Jang Hyuk characters have been my crush at some point. Non-Jang Hyuk past crushes include Maestro Kang from Beethoven Virus (Kim Myung Min), Bidam from Queen Seondeok (Kim Nam Gil), Park Gyu from Tamra the Love Island (Lim Ju Hwan).

10) Have you ever been nominated for a blogging award before?

DramaFan: No! this is my first! Thank you once again DramaNoona

1. If you could bankroll your dream drama, what genre would it be and who would you cast?

DramaFan: A sageuk or a proper sci fi one, with adventure and maybe a crime mystery mixed in. I would hire the director of Chuno. There would be awesome action scenes, with people flying and kicking here and there yeah! I have no idea about a specific plot or casting, but for action sageuk, Jang Hyuk and Kim Nam Gil are a shoe in! I’ve also been wondering lately, how Gong Hyo Jin would look in a hanbok 😉 I was also writing a drama (with Gumi’s help) that has absolutely nothing to do with this genre, but I don’t want to talk about it in case I one time finish it and get to share it in this blog.

Gumi: Romantic comedy, with Jang Hyuk in it! If I could somehow put him in high heels, it’d be hilarious (rewatched My Sassy Girl recently, lol).

2. If you could travel back in time and be a fly on the wall in any drama shoot in the universe, which would you pick and why?

DramaFan: Chuno! Chuno! and Chuno!

Gumi: Chuno! Abs! Chuno! Men! Chuno! Jang Hyuk!

3. If you weren’t blogging about dramas what would you be blogging about?

DramaFan: I had the idea of blogging about all the cheesy, corny, kitsch stuff I like, including actual cheese (ha! the randomness) and I actually called my first tumblr page, Say Cheese! ROTFL! but never got to do anything with it.

Gumi: I probably won’t be able to overcome my laziness and blog about something…

4. How soon into your drama addiction did you want to start cooking and eating ramyun?

DramaFan: I distinctly remember craving noodles while watching Coffee Prince. And learning the word “Ahjussi”.  But I didn’t feel like exploring korean recipes until I watched “Jewel in the Palace” which also could be known as “Food porn in the Joseon Era”

Gumi: I was cooking and eating ramyun long before my drama addiction 😛

5. In what ways is your family similar to and different from the average K-drama family?

DramaFan: This question is complicated for me. Trying to think, there was no meddling mother in law, no overbearing mother, my brothers are not jerk chabeols…I just can’t think of a similarity so far. Oh wait! we like to eat a lot?

Gumi: Difference: My parents are not super rich conglomerate, nor are they super poor indebted people with loan sharks chasing them around and trying to sell off their daughter. I also don’t have secret half brothers or sisters, and I’m pretty sure I am biological daughter of both of my parents.
Similarity: We speak Korean.

6. List 11 random facts about yourself.


1.- I love cats

2.- I’ve tried to quit chocolate, but I can’t

3.- I’ve tried to quit coffee but I can’t

4.- I’ll eat everything except arugula (and sometimes I eat it too)

5.- I’ll try everything at least once (still talking about food here)

6.- Seriously, I’ll eat the strangest thing on the table, and make everyone go ewww

7.- I used to watch horror films while eating “manjarblanco” or “dulce de leche” at midnight (when I was left at my aunt’s house, my mom would not have allowed this, although we kind of do it together these days, hmmm)

8.- I was obsessed with sci fi shows such as The X Files, Farscape and Stargate (finally stopped talking about food)

9.- I’m currently obsessed with the game Just Dance and I gain many points with the Ricky Martin songs (still struggle with Gangnam Style)

10.- I use the words “currently obsessed” very often

11.- I love all kinds of cheese (and we are back to food)


1. I have short pinky fingers.

2. I saw Jang Hyuk in person for seven times……..hah…..unbelievable….

3. I don’t have an ipod or any other mp3 listening device.

4. I speak Korean, English, kind of Chinese, and a liittle bit of Japanese.

5. The thing I hate the most about watching Kdrama is it makes me want to eat Korean food when I can’t.

6. I surprisingly don’t watch that many dramas. I just know about them. “Know” as in know their story plot, character names, director, writer, TV station, ratings, overall responses….so people assume I watch a lot of dramas.

7. I don’t work out at all and I really need to.

8. I like trying weird things to eat.

9. I love seeing dogs or cats but never want to raise them. Too scared they might die.

10. I’ve always had this secret desire to cut my hair super short, like guy-hair-short, but never had courage to.

11. I have never broken my bones.



Ahjussi Fan: She is into ahjussis, she is hilarious, and she’ll probably want to kick us for making her answer more questions! 😀

Crush on DaHae: A blog dedicated entirely to Lee Da Hae, Jang Hyuk’s partner in two dramas!!! (actually, three, but we are trying to forget the third one) Lovely apqaria manages this blog

MyMyooz: I bet she already has many Liebsters, but I want to recommend Nelly’s blog anyway. Her blog is a good place to go when you want to decide what to watch since she watches and reviews 20 k-dramas at a time (or so it seems) Nelly is also one of the friendliest nicest twitter friends you will meet 😉

Your Daily K-Shot of Hot: What’s not to love about this blog run by Michelle de Marco? It’s all about k-hotties! Need I say more? Plus if you are fan of Rain you will find in Michelle, a fangirling partner forever 🙂

The Drama Corner: Snow White covers upcoming dramas, dramas she is currently watching, etc etc. There is variety of topics and a friendly smart blogger to exchange thoughts with.

Creating Volumes: She has been Liebstered! but it was last year, so I figure why not? I love exchanging thoughts with Betsy HP (the few times we did) and reading her exchange thoughts with others 😉 She is a fan of sci fi too yay!

Living the Fangirl Life:  This is one of the first blogs I followed. It is all about reviews by Oshelooishi. She is also very cool to follow on twitter, always giving interesting drama recommendations.

Kdramadreamer: This seems to be a new blog, but zhaoul has already watched a good amount of  k-dramas, j-dramas and t-dramas. Another good place to go for recommendations

Hyuk Honey: A blog dedicated to Jang Hyuk from Iran. It is maintained by our enthusiastic friend Cathy! We don’t know what it says, but it looks like a happy place, with lots of captures and gifs


The Fangirl Verdict: Since kfangurl has already received about 100 Liebsters I won’t give her another one, but I still want to recommend her blog although I know many of you already visit it. If you haven’t, don’t waste another minute. The blog is beautiful and has the most analytical, epic, awesome reviews in the blogosphere

The Realm Of Olde Brooklyn: You must think I lost it already! What does this have to do with k-drama? Nothing! but this blog is beautiful and it is run  by our very good friend Lady G whose contributions have become essential to us at Stuck on Hyuk. I want to give her a well-deserved recognition even though she won’t know where to put it! lol (you could answer the questions in the comments  area if you want Lady G).


1.- If you are going to a desert island, and you can only take 3 k-dramas with you, which will they be and why?

2.- You are on the same desert island and you can make only three k-hotties to come spend time with you. Who will they be, and what would each be in charge of? (Who would do the cooking, etc?)

3.- I (DramaFan) am still not familiar with Kpop. What is the one korean singer I must definitely listen to, and which are his/her best songs?

4.- The next time I go to a korean restaurant, what should I definitely order?

5.- What was your first Kdrama crush?

6.- What is the maximum number of episodes you have watched in a day? (Gumi: My record is 14, it was when I was on a Chuno run:P)

7. Which is the Kdrama cliche you just can’t stand?

8. Which is the Kdrama cliche you actually enjoy?

9. Who is your favorite korean actress?

10. Tell us your favorite Kdrama OST

56 responses to “We got Liebstered! Thank you friends!

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  2. sory for my delay

  3. 1.- If you are going to a desert island, and you can only take 3 k-dramas with you, which will they be and why?

    um..i will take ..protect of boss:because i saw a girl on it,tha she is very like me,and i love her,it’s ost is glad and i become glad with them,and i give energy by that girl(no un sul or choi kang he)

    Thank you:that is my begin and my deveop in korea,that is my best memories

    Iris 2:i very love jung yoo gun and i very love Ji soo yeon

    2.- You are on the same desert island and you can make only three k-hotties to come spend time with you. Who will they be, and what would each be in charge of? (Who would do the cooking, etc?)

    if i become alone in hat island..i…bake food myself!like nodless!LOL

    3.- I (DramaFan) am still not familiar with Kpop. What is the one korean singer I must definitely listen to, and which are his/her best songs?
    um…i khow a singer group..um..MY SISTER and DAVICHI and SUPER JUNIVER um..i love MV BOYfrom my sisters..that is very good

    4.- The next time I go to a korean restaurant, what should I definitely order?
    aw!kim chi and best korean nodless(chong bar basta)

    5.- What was your first Kdrama crush?

    Thank you..i was 11 years old..bud when i saw it in my 16 years old ,Jang Hyuk became my love

    6.- What is the maximum number of episodes you have watched in a day? (Gumi: My record is 14, it was when I was on a Chuno run:P)
    oh!my record is 16!when i saw robber with my mom

    7. Which is the Kdrama cliche you just can’t stand?
    um..that is..bastards !!!!they tell it toghether very much!

    8. Which is the Kdrama cliche you actually enjoy?

    that is not cliche …i love these:Chogurle? Chondunda! Chuge
    and bonne!k k k k

    9. Who is your favorite korean actress?
    Choi Kang He(i very love her very very very much) and Lee da hae

    10. Tell us your favorite Kdrama OST
    um…protect of boss,Boys Over Flowers OST,Iris(Dont You Know ),OST – Tazza,You Are Beautiful OST,Playful_Kiss,
    awww they are 6!not 1!!!

    my questions:

    1_How did you become familiar with Jang Hyok? And when you get him interested?

    2_Imagine you are standing in front of Jung yoo gun and he want to ride the helicopter,you to give him permission to do so?what do you do?

    3_Imagine rey (the villain of the series Iris) is font of you,what do you do with him?

    Imagine you’re in your car and want to make it clear that the man suddenly drove your car and says: Please help me and follow that car in front of you and you get noticed he is Jang Huyk ,what is your reaction?5_Imagine (WOW! Much should imagine!) you with Jang Hyuk are buying clothes,you for draw his comments, what color do you choose?

    6_a person is insult Jang Hyok and stood right in front of you,what do you do with him??

    7_Which of the characters you want to replace the front Jang Hyuk be?

    8_Have you tried to imitate Kim Goni to play Pastor?(i trid!but..!k k k)

    9_Kim Yoo jin or young shin??,which do you like?

    10_What was the best Korean film that you see?

    Bye bye

  4. awww i understand now your mean from 11 blogger!ok or..ARASO
    i read you questions i reply to them soonly soonly soonly soonly:)

  5. oh!that post is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooddddddddddddddddd!can i participate in it?or that finish?that is for blogers?

    • Yes Cathy, we gave you a Liebster! Now it is your turn to, write a post on your blog, answering our questions and nominating 11 more bloggers (or as many as you want) and ask them new questions 🙂

    • The problem is going to be the language hmmm! if it is easier for you, you could do it in your language in your blog, and translate your answer for us here in the comments like Lady G did! You are actually free to do whatever you want my friend 🙂

  6. Finally I have answers up… and finally I’ve read your Liebster! And it’s hilarious and awesome and Dramafan we were seriously obsessed with the same sci-fi shows (though I swung more towards SG:A) and Gumi, I totally understand that sudden need for Korean food. Which I’ve never actually had. (Also — I’ve done the really short cut. Only I wasn’t expecting to get it. That was a sad day. Though after the drama, it was a fun cut for a while!)

    • Betsy HP you made it! Im glad you enjoyed our Liebster post, we got two new ones so now we need to update this one hehe! I’ll be visiting your awesome blog soon 😉

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  8. I liebstered you back!! ❤

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  10. Thanks for the Special Mention, sweet ladies!! I picked a question to answer anyway 😉 Here’s my post! http://thefangirlverdict.com/2014/02/03/liebster-shower-round-2/

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  13. Giggle. What a fun, fun, FUN!!! read, ladies!!! 😀 😀 😀 You two are SO CUTE. Seriously. And thank you for the honorary Liebster!! *blows kisses and sends over lotsa hugs* I have nowhere near 100 Liebster nominations (phew!), but I love the honorariness of this Liebster. It feels so liberating, hee. ^^

    I enjoyed SO many things about this post, but the thing that made me giggle the most was the fact that you nominated a blog that you can’t read! XD “We don’t know what it says, but it looks like a happy place, with lots of captures and gifs” OMG, you two crack me up! LOVE IT! 😀


  14. See, I don’t read questions properly. You asked for ONE Korean singer and I go and write like 4. haha. I guess i would say Yoon Sang Hyun, if he’s singing anything, I want to hear it!

  15. Okay, I answered those final questions. 😀

    1.- If you are going to a desert island, and you can only take 3 k-dramas with you, which will they be and why? That’s like asking me to choose between my children! (If I had any) Err…Fermentation Family – Song Il Guk (^_^) , it has all the right K-drama “seasonings” – comedy, action, mystery, melo. If I happen to go hungry on the island, I can watch it until my hunger abates…then again, it might make it worse! And it’s a beautiful story filled with lovely life lessons told through food. 2. Chuno – the epic story, the soundtrack, Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, and the other men! 3. Jumong – Song Il Guk! Song Il Guk…the first half of the story is wonderful, and I’m determined to finish it at some point in my life. It’s so long, it will help me bide the time. And did I mention I can stare at Song Il Guk?
    2.- You are on the same desert island and you can make only three k-hotties to come spend time with you. Who will they be, and what would each be in charge of? (Who would do the cooking, etc?) What a torturous question. Serious torture. I’m going to make this an easy answer. Jang Hyuk, Song Il Guk, and…Choi Jin Hyuk. Jang Hyuk can do the cooking, (He knows how to throw down those hot dogs!) and I feel we can have some deep conversations, Song Il Guk is the hunter, gatherer, I don’t know why, but he just is, he’s the big guy. I think we can also have some good talks. And those two will have to protect me from wild boars and stuff. They know their martial arts! And Choi Jin Hyuk can…well he can serenade us! Otherwise I don’t know much more about him other than I would pay to hear him read me the phone book with that deep voice and he’s just gorgeous. He can also bring me a huge satchel of blue butterflies. Yeah, that’s what he can do. 😀 But I’m torn between picking Choi Jin Hyuk and Gong Yoo…really, really torn! Can’t I stowaway 1 more?? 😉
    3.- What is the one korean singer I must definitely listen to, and which are his/her best songs? I don’t know much about K-Pop. I only follow OSTs for the most part. But VOS seems to be a great group, I have one song so far, “Terminally ill.” It’s wonderful. I love Yoon Sang Hyun’s singing, I can’t say what his best songs are, but from what I have, I love ‘Can’t Lose’ from the drama of the same title and “Helpless Love” from his drama “Take care of the young lady.” I love the breezy Big Baby Driver songs, Tuesday Song and My Goodbye. I really like the adorable and peppy teen group Akdong Musician, all their songs are so cute, it’s hard to pick one, but the best has to be ‘I love you.’ The theme from the awesome drama “All about my Romance.” The song “I’ll be there for you” melts me to pieces. Not crazy about the singer’s voice, but the song is just lovely. If I marry a Korean man that will be my wedding song. hahaha. Anyone else and my wedding song is “This never happened before” by Paul McCartney. Those two songs have the same beautiful vibe.
    4.- The next time I go to a Korean restaurant, what should I definitely order? Despite my growing love of many things Korean, I still haven’t tried real Korean food in a restaurant. Shameful. But I refuse to eat Korean food alone, because I’m often alone. Oh well. I did make my own Korean meatballs and they were a hit at a party! But I would have to order all the drama staples, classic kimchi, bulgolgi, Jajangmyeon, The spicy Korean rice cakes, and any one of their stews.
    5.- What was your first Kdrama crush? I would say Song Joong Ki, but I realized I just like him a lot, he’s young and cute, and his ‘Nice Guy’ was the first drama I ever saw. But when I first laid eyes on Oh Ji Ho in the drama ‘Couple or trouble’ my eyes popped out of my head and my jaw hit the floor. So it was him. Just got the news he’s practically engaged and may be marrying in the Spring. The crush has tempered. lol.
    6.- What is the maximum number of episodes you have watched in a day? I will say eight.
    7. Which is the Kdrama cliche you just can’t stand? 2nd lead ex- girlfriends deciding they want their man back only because they see he has feeling for the lead girl. It drives me up a wall. (Or vice versa, but it’s decidedly more annoying when it’s a woman.) Boy I know I have so much more.
    8. Which is the Kdrama cliche you actually enjoy? – Girl gets drunk (There are so, so many different ways! lol) guy comes to her aid and/or listens to her sob story/puts her to bed/takes her home. My absolute favorite has to be from Midas. Rich girl stumbles out of the club, pukes a little and falls into the arms of the unconventionally sexy Kim Sung Oh and his gold eyes. He pats her back and she turns all sickened. “Who are you?” Big smile, “Your thug!” And she pouts, cries and starts smecking him. He’s grossed out for 2 seconds and then just totally gives in. Loved those 2 in the drama. lol Now somebody tell my why their kissing is fifty thousand times better than a billion other K-drama leading characters? And they aren’t even 2nd leads. LOL. Maybe cuz it’s a Jang Hyuk drama, and he’s one of the kings of kissing, so the other guys must follow his example!
    9. Who is your favorite korean actress? It’s a big tie between Chae Rim and Lee Min Jung.
    10. Tell us your favorite Kdrama OST : So hard to pick one! But I will have to say “Faith.” It gets the most listens on my iTunes. Followed extremely closely by “I hear your voice,” “Robbers”, “King of Dramas,” “When it’s at night,” and “Chuno.”

    • Ahhh I love your answers and I replied to them in my head but Ill put it in writing asap! Now I know I won’t be able to concentrate at work! its 3am and Im still reading and I know Ill be all day thinking “I want to reply to Ahjussi Fan and Lady G” aiisshhh. This Liebster thing is fun!!!! actually YOU guys are fun!

      • Aigoo! It’s 3 am here too! And I couldn’t sleep and remembered there were some fun questions to be answered. Too much sugar tonight. I’m on a rush. Thanks! “-D

      • I have a proposal for the desert island k-hotties dilemma. How about we both go together? I bring Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho and Ryu Soo Young. You then can bring Song II Guk, Choi Jin Hyuk and Gong Yoo. I would put Jang Hyuk in charge of hot dogs but not the cooking, he doesn’t know how to do anything other than hot dogs! You should see him in Family Outing making pancakes. The daredevil who fears nothing was in panic mode while cooking :p Ryu Soo Young is the man of the kitchen! that guy can make canapés out of soda crackers and vienna sausages! He has proved his abilities more than once on Real Men. Let’s put Jang Hyuk in charge of movie watching with us (he can bring his huge selection of DVDs) and martial arts training (our personal trainer woohoo) He can also assist Song II Guk on the hunting and gathering, he is also very good at chopping wood (he was called the work horse on Family Outing) and trapping turkeys (also F.O) The one person who should definitely be banned from our island is Cha Tae-Hyun, also known as Concubine Cha, this guy will make us do all the work, but he plays the guitar hmmm still, NO! You should tell me what Oh Ji Ho and Gong Yoo could do, besides looking hot shirtless I don’t know them that well. Although that one talent would be good enough to bring them with us 😉

    • Thank you so much for all your answers. Your music recommendations in particular. I have a lot to explore now! We need to go to Koreatown in NY to try some of those dishes too! We are missing out girl! I’ve had some dishes here in Miami but I have the feeling they are not even close to the real thing

      • Aww! Now that my sister is a fan of the dramas, she can’t wait to try it. It’s all about finding the time. (She’s a mother of 2.) I guess Korea town will be as close to Korea as I can get, or Queens. I felt like I was in Korea there while walking to catch the train at the end of the bus line. lol

        • To think that I lived in Queens and did not take advantage 😞

          • Well I know what that’s like. I live in NYC all my life, but never rode the ferry, been to the empire state building or World Trade Center before 9/11, been in the Statue of Liberty, seen all of Central Park…LOL. We tend to take where we live for granted I guess. I probably haven’t seen all of Brooklyn either.

            • Actually, Ive done all of that 😊 Mostly to show visiting friends and family around. Then I got a job that required me to visit most of those sites daily. I got to know and interact with people from different countries mostly Pakistan, China, Israel, Greece, Iran, India and of course latinos, and obviously in College you get to meet people from everywhere but no koreans! which I now find strange because my College was right there in Queens. Gosh I suddenly miss NY 😞

      • Drama Fan I can always email you some songs I mentioned! Let me know.

      • This is the video ‘Wall’ by VOS. With the song I mentioned. Oh Ji Ho starred in it. There’s also a 7 minute movie version. I liken VOS to be the ‘Boys II Men’ of Korea, because their harmonies are just amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEceOyPRY3U

      • I like the Desert island ideas you proposed! lolol. Still have no idea what they would do. Oh Ji Ho likes to sing and his singing is passable, I find his voice very soothing. He’s apparently a Math Wizard, not that we need it on an island, but we can test his skillz out of boredom. haha. And Gong Yoo, as much as I like him as an actor, I don’t know anything about him really. haha He’s very private and that’s cool. He seems to enjoy reading. I’ve always been a bookworm, we can discuss books. Cha Tae-Hyun…from Into the Sunlight and Sassy Girl?? hahaha! Yes, he was in The Grand Heist with Oh Ji Ho. Very funny film. And I saw him in a really good movie called ‘Pabo’ or Babo. Why is he called ‘Concubine Cha?’

        • Concubine Cha, its a reference to the famous Concubine Jang of history. Cha, in Family Outing played all sorts of tricks to create conflicts in order to avoid working, he cheated and manipulated etc all jokingly obviously but it earned him that nickname. Btw the work horse JH kind of rebelled on his second visit to Family Outing. He was with Cha Taehyun (also on his second visit) and the bad influence of Cha turned him into “the actual Concubine Jang” even scarier than Cha because he “acted innocent” at the beginning and them boom showed his “Concubine” face only to Jaesuk (the host of the show). They even compared him to Puss in boots lol! So, no, we can’t have the Dragon brothers in the island together cause they’ll cause trouble. Also, lets have Oh Ji Ho sing when JH is not around cause he might want to join and our poor ears! and lets NOT bring a karaoke player with us. Trust me on that one

  16. Cheese! Do you like Wallace and Gromit too DF? And the X-files were my original obsession and I still think Mulder and Sculley are one of the best OTPs in the history of tv. I remember the night of the episode where they actually kissed (fine it was all a dream but whatever), which me and my fellow X-phile friends completely turned it into a party with food and drinks. And even that episode where she went a little cray cray and got tattooed on her back and Mulder got to sexily peek at it, *swoon*. Bwahahaha.

    And I can’t believe Gumi has seen JH 7 times!! Holy cow, that’s amazing! I dunno if I would want to meet my drama crush, I’d rather leave them up on their pedestal and not burst the bubble I hv of them.

    Loved reading this guys! 😀

    • That’s what I thought before, too, I’d like to keep my bubble and fantasy of my stars…but seeing JH in person actually didn’t burst the bubble it just made me fantasize him even more cuz he was just….so…..unreal…..! lol

  17. I wake up early this morning and grab my phone and saw ‘W’ notification icon, and when I scroll down the notification bar I saw the word Liebster Award. The first thought that came in my mind was another 10 more questions =_=”

    But….I forgive you girls *lol, though it’s not like you’ve done anything wrong* because I saw a word Shah Rukh Khan in one of the comments. I forgot how I love a lot of his movies and thanks to you now I remembered. I love Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan and Kajol. A LOT!! I love plenty of old Bollywood movies. Oh my Bollywood feeling is coming. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Duplicate, Mohabbatein, Devdas, Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om, Kal Ho Na Ho, Dil Hai Tumhara, 3 Idiots and many many many others.

    I guess I now need to make a full post of Liebster Award and create my own set of questions. ㅋㅋㅋ….I’ll haunt you two until you answer my Qs.

  18. Congratulation dears and can’t thank you enough for the nomination ❤
    I am still processing here ^^

  19. Excellent answers Gumi and DramaFan!!! *cheers and throws more confetti* I love cheese too, though my son loves it more. We actually have to hide or disguise the cheese in the fridge so that he won’t eat it all the time. He’s a cheese thief!

    Congrats on being nominated twice! It is really well deserved.

    I’m totally jealous of Gumi’s multilingual skills. I really want to try and learn more Korean this year. It is one of my new year’s resolutions 🙂

    I keep seeing Bollywood come up with this round of Liebsters, perhaps I should dip my toe into those waters! Any suggestions DramaFan?

    Loved your nominations! I found a whole slew of new blogs to follow because of them!

    • Did I come off as someone who loves cheese too much? LOL! I think your son and I would get along pretty well! I am also totally jealous of Gumi’s multilingualism! See how she “casually” brags about it? *jealous pout* Ok, ok, I would totally brag about it too! I can barely handle my spanglish but I’m also trying to learn korean :p My Gumi even got me a little book and I kind of sort can make words in hangul with it! I also downloaded an app to practice speaking korean on the iPhone. Not much but little by little we’ll get there 😉 Oh, since you like happy stories I recommend to you, the first Bollywood movie I saw. It’s called Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and its stars Sharukh Khan. He is not “conventionally handsome” but once you start watching him, he is very charming and talented. He is also one of the most popular Bollywood stars I think. Bollywood movies are special, I mean I haven’t watched a lot! I’m no expert at all, but one thing I notice is, most of them are musicals, and have dance numbers and the love to mix genres, they will go from comedy to drama in a second! So, it is a concept that takes getting used to, but it is also very interesting and demanding on their actors. This movie in particular, is cute, romantic, vibrant, and hilarious! It never gets too dramatic. But I’ve seen others that turn deeply melo after making you laugh. And I’m so happy to have introduced you to new blogs! They are all awesome in their own way!

      • I see nothing wrong with being a serious lover of cheese! The first thing my son asks for in the morning is cheese, hehe. Gumi totally has the right to brag about those language skills! If I could fluently speak more languages then I’d always talk about it. I’ve found a few things online to help learn Korean and another friend suggested an online course (I can’t remember now I wrote it down in my planner) that I think I want to sign up for that when I’m not as busy at work as I have been. And another friend gave me a free site that teaches hangul that I will totally be devoting myself to next month. I watched one Bollywood movie, Bride and Prejudice because it was their version of Pride and Prejudice so I had to! I loved it, but I never watched anymore. I love musicals, so that is totally a selling point for me! I am totally going to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! Thanks for the suggestion! Indeed I am always looking for new blogs to read and watch and interact with. This Liebster Award has been so much fun!

      • We are the same with the Spanglish and learning Korean. lol I wish I had an IPhone to download apps like that. But I do have the Pimsleur cds, a Korean dictionary, and a book and cd to help. Not to mention the constant flow of dramas.

      • Lady G, the constant drama watching has got to help! At least it isn’t hurting anything! I wish I had an Iphone too there are a lot of language apps for it. So far I haven’t found a decent one for the Android system yet.

  20. Ugh writing this half asleep. Sorry I skipped words. haha. But also, I too crave cheese and chocolate like Drama Fan and I wish I were bilingual like Gumi. I’m so allergic to cats and even dogs these days, so I admire them from afar.

  21. Oh my gosh! This is awesome!! Your answers were funny and cute. LOL. Thank you for the mention of my little, sorry and neglected Old Brooklyn Blog. 🙂 Ever since I got into K-drama I put everything on the back-burner but I have been a busy and sorta popular ‘webmistress’ for other fandoms years and years. I needed a huge break. lol. I have a busy day but I will come back and definitely answer those questions!! yay!

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