Jang Hyuk leaves Real Men

일밤 진짜 사나이 E37 131222 720p x264 AAC-CrazyJ_00013

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but now that it is official I can’t stop moping! Jang Hyuk is leaving MBC Sunday Night’s reality show Real Men, to concentrate on his acting career.

Real Men filmed new episodes from Jan 14 to Jan 18 with Jang Hyuk, therefore we still have some more episodes with him to look forward to. You can read the full news about the future changes on Real Men here

Of course, I am happy that Jang Hyuk has new projects lined up! but I will miss watching his cool action stunts and his adorkable personality every Sunday.

And speaking of those projects, this is mere speculation but, it looks like Mozart Romance has been postponed or maybe even shelved. Truth is there wasn’t a lot of information about it, the only info we had, was the name of the writer and Jang Hyuk’s possible participation.  Its slot on KBS was never really official and now there will be another drama following the Full Sun. In conclusion it does not look like we will have a Jang Hyuk drama for the first half of the year. Double bummer!

But, don’t despair! Workaholic Jang Hyuk won’t leave us like this. The movie Strawberry Milk is aiming to be released in April and there is a high probability that he will play the character of Lee Bang Won in Age of Innocence next to Shin Ha-Kyun. There are rumors about other projects but I’d rather wait until they are more official to discuss them.

In the meantime, here is a video from Real Men to cheer us up. The ahjussis torturing a new private (GOP eps)  Jang Hyuk’s super awkward and cute dance starts at min 2:12.

8 responses to “Jang Hyuk leaves Real Men

  1. One small correction before I go to bed: Strawberry Milk is aiming to be released in April 😛

  2. Okay, singing is a big no, lol.
    It just, I’ve been used to have Jang Hyuk vitamin every week and the thought of there’ll be no weekly JH vitamin for god knows how long, is really depressing. I need a prescription of anti-depressant. =_=”

  3. What is this. No JangHyuk in Real Men and probably no Mozart Romance??? Depressed.

    • I know! upsetting! I hope we get official good news about new cool projects soon. If he wants to concentrate on acting that can only mean good news for us! can you imagine if he wanted to concentrate on singing? 😳

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