Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part I – Contains spoilers

I love romances that start slowly. Where you can actually see how it develops and even more so, when it is not based on physical attraction. I think the moment where we can tell Dr Min is falling for Young Shin, or rather Young Shin’s family, is when he overheard Lee Bom singing Clementine to her mom.

It is true that I got frustrated at Young Shin for never kissing my Min Kiseo properly, but I also have to admit that this behavior fits the character of Young Shin perfectly. This is a woman who has chosen to forget she is a “woman” in order to become “Lee Bom’s mom”. She describes herself as a piece of furniture. This is not just about kdrama being prude, it is part of this story, so we forgive

Having said that, the scenes pre kiss and almost kiss in this drama, are hotter than many kiss or sex scenes I’ve seen. Sometimes the “unresolved sexual tension” is more satisfying. It’s all about those eyes full of love, passion and desire isn’t it?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite romantic and sexy scenes between Young Shin (Gong Hyo Jin) and Min Kiseo (Jang Hyuk)

MIN KISEO DRIES YOUNG SHIN’S TEARS: A convalescent Kiseo finds Young Shin sleeping next to him and crying. He feels sorry for her and tries to dry her tears. This is the first time he tries to do something nice for her, his ice cold shield is cracking

ty_minki_driestears1 ty_minki_driestears3

JEALOUS KISEO COMES TO THE RESCUE? Min Kiseo finds Young Shin in trouble! as she is being cornered by some guy who wants to marry her and her ex. He then “pretends” to have a jealousy attack, kisses her and scares the guys away. He “pretends” so well, Young Shin gets freaked out! (pssst me thinks he wasn’t really pretending)



Scary jealous guy! I feel wrong for finding him so hot!


“I DON’T HAVE COOTIES WOMAN”: Kiseo observes Young Shin the morning after he kissed her and he finds out she is brushing her teeth desperately! lol!

ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00026 ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00028


His expression when he finds Young Shin “washing off” of his kiss. Those eyes say it all!


Later on, she was even wearing a mask!


If a man looked at me like this!



DRUNK YOUNG SHIN CONFUSES KISEO WITH HER DEAD FATHER: Min Kiseo appropriately freaks out! but then, comes the awwwwwzzzz

ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00043 ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00045 ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00048


That face! seriously! the love!



ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00011 ThankYou_03_01_Title_1_00013

31 responses to “Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part I – Contains spoilers

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  2. Aww, wow. I want to watch this now.

    Ah, I love this man… sexy……

  4. haha i very love this scene..he kiss her but her face not her lips!i very notic it..he kiss near her lips!i want to say that scene was not a serious kiss!them serious kiss was in middle of the street!!aw his kiss in that drama (Thank you)was not too seriously, often was cute and it with a fluke.even them first meet!Min Kiseo was not very well on ship(or boat)and them towice meet in young shin’s home(i very love that scene)that he passed out and fall on young shin!haha
    but his kiss by Lee Da hae in IRIS or robber was very serious !!!aw he have not kiss scene in Flu or Dolbock at all!i very laugh when he put his hand on Soe’s shoulder!

  5. I agree that Young Shin is very reluctant to fall in love with Kiseo because she chose to be a mother instead of a woman and chose her daughter over everyone else. But I think another main reason that Young Shin never really kisses Kiseo and doesn’t allow her feelings for him to show is because of their difference in social status. Besides their disparity in education, money, etc., she also had a child out of wedlock, which is still a big taboo. She doesn’t come to grips with this until at the end of the drama. She says to Kiseo something like Bom not having a father is not a bad thing but she is just different, right? Me being an unmarried mother is not a bad thing but I’m just different, right? She says, that’s what you told me, right? Then Kiseo affirms that she is just different. Then there is a long close-up of Kiseo and Young Shin. I think this is when she finally forgives herself and allows herself to fall in love Kiseo.

    • OMG that final scene was soooooo good!!!!! and it required excellent actors like Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin to make it work because there was a long part where they were just looking at each other but they were saying so much with their eyes! I am planning to dedicate a whole post to that scene later 😊

    • That scene was done in such a way that could be interpreted different ways right? It looked like she was accepting him but it also looked like it was about her, accepting herself and taking a break before she could decide to accept him. And he was just so amazing and respectful to her. He was crazy for her to accept him but he was happier seeing that she was finally thinking of her own happiness. Thats how I saw it

      • Yes, we are on the same page. She didn’t allow him in her life because she thought she wasn’t good enough for him. She was finally accepting herself…And by accepting herself, she was letting him know that she was ready to accept him as well.

        • Yeah except I thought she wasn’t accepting him “right away”. I took it as “let me live with my new self for a while and we’ll see later” kind of thing. I think they purposely showed her alone with Bom to allow the viewer to interpret it either way. But anyway, be it right away or later on they ended up together

      • I think the 2 years later ending in this scenario was excellent, because they both had a lot of issues to sort through and to me, she was finally free of everything that weighed her down in life and learning to be happy and content with herself and her daughter. He needed time to mourn and get his life back together as a doctor, or whatever he was doing by then, they didn’t say.

        • Yeah but my heart still ached for him, because despite the fact that he understood and was happy YS was finally listening to him in terms of finally thinking of herself first, he was clearly very much into her by then. And you know? life is short too! and he wasn’t the passive, beat around the bush type of guy, so it must’ve been tough for him to have to wait. My mom’s comment as he was waiting for her answer was something like “he looks like his soul is escaping his body” I mean THAT FACE in that scene too!

          • I agree with you, it was painful to see that. But he did it because he loved her. Yes, life is too short for love and head games. Learn and grow together.

  6. THAT FACE!! This drama! I’d forgotten how many of these great of sexual tension there were in this drama. Oh I want to watch this again so much but I can’t right now. And wait, did I miss the kiss on the road at night write-up somewhere? Because dayyyuummmm, that was …. *gulp*

    • Of courseeee the kiss on the road will be properly captured and gifed just like the kiss at the hospital. My absolute favorite Kiseo in love face is when he tells Young Shin’s ex that “Bom and Young Shin are a miracle to him” THAT FACE *swoooooonssss* *thunk* *drool* *faint* *barely breathing* 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😳😳😳😳

      • Does that come at the end? I don’t remember. Gees, I guess that I’ll have to re-watch it then heeee..

        • The scene happened before he kissed Young Shin at the hospital (I think) and it was when he told Lee Bom’s dad that he “had lost his chance” after Lee Bom’s dad declared he decided he now wanted “Young Shin”. The dialogue was actually much better than my description though 😋 My memory is terrible but I’ll post about it when I get to it for sure! I can’t be selective with this series. I love all of it!


    And I totally agree with you dear about the "unresolved sexual tension", I always like those small skin-ship or eye contacts or almost kisses moments the most and don't always need a kiss to feel satisfied even though that when I like the OTP I want to see them kissing, hehe ^^ but you know, some poor kisses can actually kill the moment.

    • Exactly! how many times has a bad kiss ruined the image we had in our head? I love my kisses! but they better be good or leave them to my imagination 😋

      • I have totally agree about bad kisses. It’s really upsetting when they build up this amazing tension through the entire drama and the big moment is a total dud. Like Full House, I watched that recently. I enjoyed it, but seriously one lame freeze frame kiss in the LAST episode. What’s the matter? They didn’t want to hurt Rain’s luscious lips?? LOL

  8. I can’t wait to see Jang Hyuk play the musician in his new drama, but I’d like to see him play a doctor again. 😀

    • I’m a little worried that it is a rom com. First, because the premise had great potential for melo, but also because I can’t think of a rom com I’ve loved or rather a korean rom com. I mean I enjoyed Bright Girl for example but my first instinct is to think that pure rom com tends to lack some depth? On the other hand I believe Coffee Prince is classified as rom com and that one was very satisfying on the romance and it had its melo moments and certainly a lot of depth. I am wondering how they will approach the coma situation etc. On the other hand I don’t want to get my hopes up for anything until they confirm he will be the lead! I am so impatient!!!!

  9. I agree with your thoughts on Young Shin and why she is so reluctant to fall in love. Her life is so dreary and totally devoted to Lee Bom above and beyond the average mother because of her disease. But seriously, I had to groan in the scene when she’s brushing away and wearing the mask and all. Come on now. LOL. That screen cap of ‘that face’ was just adorable! And thanks for the little extras. 😀 Looks hot and vulnerable. aww.

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    Really thankful to Drama Fan for this lovely post. I love everything in this. My Dr. Min feelings is coming ❤

  11. My DR MIN!!! My man. Omg, I love all those scenes and many more.

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