Jang Hyuk’s next drama “Mozart Romance”


This hair is making sense now…


The news article was uploaded today, 2013/12/30. (Rushed) translation by myself.

Actor Jang Hyuk has decided his next project to be KBS Mon-Tue drama “Mozart Romance”.

In “Mozart Romance”, a new KBS Mon-Tue drama discussed to be broadcasted in April 2014, Jang Hyuk will be acting the best music composer of 21st century, Ji Han.

The drama “Mozart Romance” is a unique romantic comedy, featuring genius music composer Ji Han who admires Mozart and aims to live a life like him, the best producer of 21st century Young Kyu who, just like Salieri who hated Mozart, will hate Ji Han and be an obstacle, aspiring singer Shin Hee who has beautiful voice but is frustrated because of her stage fright, and In Kyung, who is Ji Han’s first love but joins Young Kyu for wealth and success.

In the world of 2014, Ji Han wakes up from his 14 years of coma and goes through troublesome adjustment with people around, promising entertainment for audience. Lee Do Yoon will write the script, and Shin Young EnC and Drama Planet will be producing.


14 responses to “Jang Hyuk’s next drama “Mozart Romance”

  1. I adore this guy hope to see him more in dramas and movies!!

  2. Gumi, can i post this in his Soompi thread? poor his page which like really dead nowadays. huhuhu.
    btw, i really miss him in rom com after Bright Girl.

    • Sure go ahead!:)

    • Yoeda! actually (Im sure Gumi will agree) we don’t mind at all if you take our posts to Soompi. I was planning to do it but I kept forgetting! And I agree, its sad to see that thread neglected. Hopefully it will pick up once his movie or drama airs. Thank you so much 😉

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  4. Is this for real? Hyuk in a RomCom! I’ve been waiting for this good news for years! This is surreal to me ;D

  5. OH YES!!!! This is awesome. Awesome news to start my awesome day.

  6. I heard that Park Bo Young will be the female lead… if that’s true, this drama won’t be one to miss!

    • Hi Curious! Thank you for this info! I saw her recently on Speedy Scandal and she was very good in it! Wow! this would be very exciting indeed!

    • Well, I think it’s just a rumor. Rumor says Park Bo Young will do a drama in early 2014, and some random person started saying oh I heard Jang Hyuk is doing a drama too are they doing it together…? and for some reason people started carrying those words around. There was no source saying PBY will be the female lead…although I’d be happy if she is the one.

  7. His current look totally fits this character! This has so much potential for awesomeness!

  8. Doing oppa dance *to the left to the left, to the right, to the right* Woohoo!

  9. OOOH!!! I can’t wait to see this one! Yayyyy!! Sounds so fascinating.

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