20131223 Tokyo Fan Meeting : Bday Messages

So yes, I went to 2013/12/23 Jang Hyuk’s Tokyo fan meeting! More detailed report….is coming….some day…some time…..it is coming…..but let me start with what you guys are wondering the most about: the birthday messages. We got 17 sweet birthday messages from you guys. I have to say, I was surprised by how diverse countries were represented in our messages. I’m sure Jang Hyuk will be pleasantly surprised by that fact as well 🙂

The collected messages were translated into Korean by me, because as much as I have faith in JH’s English level 😛 I do think it’ll tire him out to read 17 messages in his non-native language. But the parts that were originally written in Korean, I left them as they are and noted in parenthesis that that part was written by foreign fans themselves. Then our Drama Fan put some pictures in and arranged the messages to look prettier 🙂 The messages were printed in kinda-thick-and-glossy-paper (have no clue what to call them) and were put in a clear folder.


My plan was to hand it to him during handshake session. But I was also kind of worried that I might not be able to do that, because handshakes were done in much faster fashion than I imagined. I mean, I guess if he has to shake hands of around 400 fans, it’s only natural that he can’t spend much time per each fan. It was like a giant conveyor belt of people walking by him and shaking his hands, without much conversation or interaction going on. Well, most fans also can’t speak Korean and Jang Hyuk doesn’t speak Japanese so I guess there can’t be much conversation going on. But Hyuk was super nice to his fans though. Staff members were rushing fans, but when fans were trying to say something (short Korean phrases they learned, like “Thank you for coming” or “Please come again” or “I love you” etc) he was always leaning over to listen and would say something in respond. He was also bowing to every single fan when he was handshaking. There were around 400 fans, and there were two handshaking session, so that means he at least did 800 handshaking. But he didn’t show tiredness at all and he was sincere and kind to every fan. But then again, there were staff members rushing everybody, telling them to quickly walk through (not blaming them, they were doing their jobs) so yes I was worried I might not be able to carry my mission.

When it was nearly my turn, I grabbed our message trying to think of how I will present to him. But when I got the message out staff members all were glaring me, cuz…yeah…I guess I’m not supposed to give him gifts during handshake. That slows down the line. I’m sorry! But really wanted to give it to him directly, cuz I mean…what if all the messages fall out of the folder and stuff…..lol. I’m sorry! Anyways, they were going to tell me I can’t give it to him like that, but I have already taken it out right in front of JH and it was already in JH’s hands. I was also going to say something, but was rushed, so all I could say was broken phrases “this…from foreign fans….”. After saying that much, I was already walking away from JH…aww, I didn’t even get to take a proper look at his face!

But then Jang Hyuk did call me from back! I heard his voice directed to me so I turned around. He said “I will read them carefully” with his ever-so-serious gaze. I smiled and nodded and continued being pushed away.

Now that doesn’t seem like a great conversation, but again let me emphasize how quickly that whole handshaking thing was done, and I’m sure that “I will read them carefully” was one of the longest phrases JH said to his fans during the handshake session. So let’s be proud! I’m sure he will read the messages carefully, cuz as he always says he never lies :P, and hopefully the sweet messages can make him smile


5 responses to “20131223 Tokyo Fan Meeting : Bday Messages

  1. Gumi!! Oh my God!!!!!
    Letters falled?? awwwwwwww you had your biggest conversation with Jang Hyuk
    Wow really thank you .. I’m really crying when he promised you that read the message,thank you very much
    Gumi,always happen for your meeting with Jang Hyuk that they are beautiful and cute!
    I really thank you and of course I’m jealous of you! Haha I hope one day, as you can see Jang Hyuk
    I am happy and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much

  2. i dont know why but my eyes water when read this especially when he said “i will read them carefully”. a big thanks to you Gumi.

  3. Thanks Gumi 😀 and again you met him.

  4. The idea of his ever serious gaze *swoons*

  5. Aw! What an accomplishment, Gumi!! 😀 Salute, for managing to give the messages to him directly. I am super impressed, chingu!

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