Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk!

Our Jang Hyuk turns 37 today! As you know, Gumi will do her best to deliver the birthday messages we collected privately, directly to him on Dec 23rd during the Fan Meeting that will take place in Tokyo. We collected 17 wonderful messages! Thank you guys! I know we are a small crowd but I’m sure Jang Hyuk will appreciate the honest good vibes you are all sending to him through those messages.

I will not write much more because I don’t think I will ever be able to beat this post by Ahjussi Fan! Please read it! It is hilarious!

So I’ll just share some  drawing doodle I made to accompany the messages we sent. Yes! I know! whatever I drew looks like someone other than Jang Hyuk, but there was a lot of love put into this ok? so shhhhhh and it’s not that I can’t draw, It’s just that his beauty is such that it can’t be captured by me (’cause I can’t draw…*sigh*)



16 responses to “Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk!

  1. I really can feel your efforts and like your drawings very much! You’re great! Thanks very much.

  2. oh sorry!why that send towice againe?

  3. oh yes dolbock was angry!!
    aww if you draw him and put a triangle of his face that will become sooooooooo cute.ok i wait for it..onny..faighting:D

  4. i thought you draw dolbok!!!why do not drawing him?

    • Well! I did not think of it but it is a good idea 😉 I just wanted to draw his pretty face and have him not look angry? :p but I had such a hard time trying to draw a smile that I ended up just drawing a triangle 😜 Ddolbock will be harder to draw but it will be fun to paint his uniform. I might give it a try just for fun!

  5. ohhhhhh your paunt is veryyyyyyy good..i love it..oh soooo cute..

    drama fan thanks for post..i hope that he will pass this year well
    drama fan..i take a celebration for him..if you like please come to my blog..do not worry my post have very pics.you can understand my post..pleas come please please:)

    • Hi Cathy, your post is so funny! did you make an Angry Birds cake for him? lol! I liked the drawings! I wish I understood your language. Your posts look like they are hilarious 😊

      • Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu dramafan.yes i made:D!it was funny and my familly so laughed it and we take a celebration for him in our home!!
        i drawed it myself,thanks
        oh i wish writed them english!if you like to khow about everywhere,just question me..i tell you:)
        yes that was hilarious!thanks drama fan:)

    • I wanted to write a comment on the blog but I can’t see where to click on my phone. I’ll try later when I’m on my laptop 🙂

      • oh..chinja???????awwwwwwwww i will become very happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
        um…if you click on this word 7 نظر you can put a comment,that word is under my post..A..that is light blue,AA..that is near the pink sentence….that sentense written under the post and that is small..

  7. Coolio! I love your doodle! Very artistic! Gumi, once again, the go to girl for us! Jang Hyuk oppa, saengil chukahaeyo!

  8. Wow! I like that drawing. I can’t draw, and I am jealous!! and Gumi is very lucky, she got to see Jang Hyuk again. OMG

  9. It’s pure art. Seriously. And I’m watching ‘Into the Sunlight’ and he looks just like that drawing, hair and all.

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