Jang Hyuk, a candidate for ‘Age of Innocence’

News for Jang Hyuk’s new project!


Actor Jang Hyuk is positively considering a movie ‘Age of Innocence’ as his next project.

According to several sources, Jang Hyuk has been offered a role in ‘Age of Innocence’ (Directed by An Sang Hoon) and is considering it.

‘Age of Innocence’ is the next project of a director An Sang Hoon of ‘Blind’, and is expected to be the Korean ‘Lust, Caution’. The story takes place in Chosun dynasty, and is about a gisaeng Ga-hee who approaches Min-jae for a revenge, but falls in for him. Shin Ha Kyun and Kang Han Na are offered roles of Min-jae and Ka-hee and are considering it.

Jang Hyuk has been offered the role of Min-jae’s right arm. He has recently finished filming Director Kim Tae Kyun’s ‘Strawberry Milk’ and will return early next year in a drama, so is trying to work out a schedule with ‘Age of Innocence’.

Jang Hyuk’s agency has mentioned, “If the ‘Age of Innocence’ schedule doesn’t conflict with existing schedule, there’s a high possibility he will take it.”

So yes that’s the news that has been released Dec 11, and I am excited!! Shin Ha Kyun is an amazing actor, and I’d certainly like to see his chemistry with him.

As for his role in the movie, though, I (and other JH fans) have some other speculations. Because if he is just a right arm of Minjae, and this whole story is just about the girl and a man’s revenge&love&etc, then there is really no importance in this right arm character that you wouldn’t need to cast Jang Hyuk for that.

But searching up on this project gave us some other ideas. So according to one article about this movie, this Age of Innocence is around early Chosun, and is about 1st Princes’ War. That’s when Lee Bang Won, one of the princes, killed off bunch of people including his brothers in fight for the throne. And looks like Kim Min Jae, the main role of this movie, is a close subordinate of Lee Bang Won. So my guess is that Kim MinJae, in helping LBW, killed the girl’s family and the girl is trying to do her revenge for that. And the article said they were looking for actors in late 30s early 40s for Kim Min Jae and Lee Bang Won.

Now, it makes sense to cast Jang Hyuk for LBW in that case. It also makes sense why JH would want to do it…because even though he has acted several historical dramas, he has never acted royal class before, now that’s a new trial. If it is Lee Bang Won, even if it’s not the main role and is a supporting role, they would need an actor with proper weight and intensity, and that explains why they would cast Jang Hyuk. In this case, the first writer of the news released today must’ve mistaken the hierarchy between the two male roles, just assuming that the supporting role would be the subordinate while in reality it’s the other way around.

BUT this is all speculation 😛 Let us wait until more specific, detailed and certain news come up. But the thing we can be sure about is that he has been offered a role in this movie, is positively considering it, and is very likely to be acting in a drama early next year!!! Our Jang Hyuk is gonna be busy!!!


9 responses to “Jang Hyuk, a candidate for ‘Age of Innocence’

  1. The movie Age Of Innocence,has it been shown or has it start filming? if yes, where to watch it online?

  2. Hyukie once said he would not take any sageuk role ranking below a general. I have faith in Hyuk choosing his work. If he’s choosing this movie as 2nd male lead, he has his reasons. Anyway, I’m sure Hyukie’s schedule for the coming year is already hectic and busy with a movie and drama, in addition to the regular shooting of the Real Man. I just hope he will take good care of himself. Don’t work too hard. Sleep as much as he can no matter what!

  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiii
    wow a new drama again?oh yessssssssss!um..i very like that he has a good and important rol..but it is good..kenchana..:)
    oh Drama fan,do you khow that what time is Jang Hyuk’s birth day?

  4. This man is my last crush in Dramaland sexy and good actor and no pretty only yummie like a good homemade dish …

  5. And in a pure Korean movie twist, she’ll fall in love, use him to get her revenge and kill him at the end. arhh. Either way, the movie sounds interesting. JH as a royal. That would be a new type of character for him. Since we don’t get full access to go see these movies, I’m more excited about the new drama! Cuz it’s more Jang Hyuk, it’s like 20 movies!

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