Thank You for adorable Lee Bom – pictures and gifs

This post is dedicated to the lovely Lee Bom. I will be adding more pics and gifs to it as I continue my re-watch of Thank You.

Ever since I started watching korean dramas and movies, I’ve noticed how good their child actors tend to be. Among them, Seo Shin-Ae is one of the best and her Lee Bom is still one of my all time favorite characters.


Lee Bom: a cheerful eight year old who is the light in the life of her mother, and later on her two fathers, her grandma, heck! the whole town.


Trying to melt Dr Min’s heart! She knows how to work the aegyo, this one

What I love about Bom is that she is smart and cute and lovely, but by no means, perfect. She is just like any little kid, who talks back and doesn’t like to go to school and gives her mother grief from time to time. My mom had a strong reaction when Bom called Young-Shin a liar. She looked at me and said” “Don’t you dare do that to me” (lol moms! I guess we’ll always be kids to them).


But this is what made Bom much more compelling. She was just “a kid” going through an awful experience (HIV). No need for theatrics, to break our hearts.







ThankYou_01_01_Title_1_00009 ThankYou_01_01_Title_1_00073   ThankYou_01_01_Title_1_00118  ThankYou_02_01_Title_1_00007  ThankYou_02_01_Title_1_00066

12 responses to “Thank You for adorable Lee Bom – pictures and gifs

  1. Thanks DF, didnt know there was a MV of JH w SSA. Lee Bom character will stick in my head forever, im sure everyone who watches her in Thank You will fall in love w her. I have also noticed JH is v good w child actors, in Robbers, Chuno. Somehow he creates that chemistry w the kids and its so charming.

  2. Oh my gosh, she was tiny back then! Tiny and adorable! (That’s the thing about kids — they do grow. It always surprises me.)

    • I’m watching The Queen’s Classroom right now and loving it! Seo Shin-Ae’s character has a completely different vibe. This means she is a great actress. I can’t even see Lee Bom in that new character. You should definitely watch Thank You. I have the feeling you will love it 🙂

  3. Lee Bom was a terrific character. She was never pitiful, but very real. Despite her illness and bouts of depression over it, she kept upbeat and happy. I always fall in love with the child-actors in these dramas. If you want to see another fantastic and heart-wrenching film with Seo Shin-Ae watch, “Meet Mr. Daddy.”

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