Thank You – Min Kiseo and his girlfriend- rethinking my first impressions



The first time I watched Thank you, was right after I had finished The Tree with Deep Roots and Chuno. So I was overwhelmed with all those awesome action scenes, epic scenery and especially with that Jang Hyuk. The wild tough guy who was so vulnerable inside that he made me cry buckets. The powerful, intense “sageuk Jang Hyuk”. I had been so impressed by him in those dramas, that I decided to be selective and watch only his “good works” (suuuuurreeeee)

Thank You has mostly good reviews and a friend of mine recommended it as her favorite Jang Hyuk drama, so I decided to give it a try. I have to admit that at first I was underwhelmed. Of course! I was unconsciously expecting that other Jang Hyuk! the one who scared the bejeezus outta me every time he cried, un-refrained, like an animal. The one who cried “ugly” but with such intensity and raw emotion that I just couldn’t help but feel his excruciating pain deep in every fiber of my being

Instead I got Min Kiseo, who, well, is definitely not a quiet passive one, and does not fall behind in the intense stare department…


And, yup! he ranks way up there with the sageuk guys, and even Kitae on the rage-mometer. But, he didn’t cry as much, and when he did it was more subtle.


On my re-watch, however, I appreciated this performance. It has its own kind of power and it obviously suits this character much more. OMG! that perfect teardrop 😦

That first time around, for some reason I didn’t even pay much attention to his girlfriend, and how important she was to the whole story (I’m thinking some of my brain cells were asleep that first time around, forgive me!)


This time, I loved their love, and I ached for them. She is resigned to the idea of dying. His determination to save her gives her hope. This is painful because we know how that ended.



I also remember my perception that Min Kiseo was a jerk, so I judged him harshly, thinking that his pain didn’t justify his lashing out (I still get upset when he kicks the dog’s house though!) Yes! I was cold and judgemental! But I guess I’ve seen my share of “jerk male leads” in kdramas since then, so Min Kiseo is truly an “angel” in comparison. Not only that, he is self-aware. He knows he is in hell, he knows he is miserable, the self loathing is evident and he just feels he has no way out. You can feel his desperation entangled with his arrogance. I appreciated how every time anyone asked him if he was ok, Dr Min’s answer would be “No, I am not ok”. Most machos would not admit to this.


And unlike many other “jerk male leads” Min Kiseo evolved into one of the most romantic, strongest, wonderful, males leads ever (but we’ll save that for a future post)

These are some of my favorite moments from Min Kiseo and Ji Min:

Dr Min operates on his girlfriend. While he undresses her to prepare for the operation, he remembers other more pleasant intimate moments. There is so much love and sadness in this scene.

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After Ji Min passes away, Min Kiseo asks in the sweetest and saddest voice “Why were you in such a hurry? You should’ve at least say goodbye ”

“A girlfriend is so much better than chicken, pizza, ice cream or jangjangmyun” – Min Kiseo

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His mourning of Ji Min, his memory of her and her last wish of getting Bom’s forgiveness. His struggle with this, his hesitation, etc was an important theme in this drama. I liked all of those moments



Min Kiseo daydreams with his dead girlfriend and is interrupted by Young Shin

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12 responses to “Thank You – Min Kiseo and his girlfriend- rethinking my first impressions

  1. My Min GiSeo! My man. My love ❤

  2. I’m having Jang Hyuk withdrawals, I watched some scenes from Midas the other night. I really love that Drama. I’m not really up to a full rewatch of anything I’ve seen because I’m following so many new dramas right now and even watching an older one. But I’m up for ‘retro’ Hyuk. I found “Into the Sunlight” with eng subs! I wish The Flu was on Netflix right now. I have to own that on DVD but must wait for Region 1. Region 3 is available for pre-order on Yesasia.

    In case anyone is interested:

    • He was adorbs in Into the Sunlight! The series was slow, because its old, but I enjoyed his work. I’m also watching other stuff! in between life, work, and rewatching Jang Hyuk dramas and Real Man! 😀 How do I do it? I dunno!

      P.D Did you finish Jumong? How was it?

      • I’m soo bad, I did not finish Jumong. On episode 31. It was dragging for a while but the action’s about to start up again as they go to war. Plus I’m just so caught up in new dramas.

        I actually don’t mind slow or old. I watched “All about Eve” and I was spazzing all over the place about how fantastic it was. A breath of fresh drama air to me. 🙂

    • Oh thanks for the ITS link! cuz I do have its DVD but then I left it back at home and don’t have it with me now…….now I can watch my pretty Myungha whenever I want to!

  3. Great observations. I agree with them. I had the same thoughts and expectations because I had just seen Chuno. I only saw this drama once and sadness overwhelmed me because of the whole theme. But it never fell into complete melodrama and there was lots of humor to squeeze out of it and an upbeat feel despite Bom’s sickness and their sad situations.

    I really loved his character and development though. I couldn’t help think of Min Kiseo as like a modern Daegil. I guess because Daegil was the only role I could compare him to at the time. But now I realize that it’s Jang Hyuk’s acting style which carries over from role to role, But it never gets dull or redundant. It’s not like those times where you look an actor and go ‘Pshh, he’s the same in every role. I’m sick of him.” lol JH has a distinct personality and quirks to his performances, but they are all different. He’s just so awesome.

    • I always say this, because it is a fact that happens to me. A new actor will always have a better chance to make “believe” a character, than a good actor, who I’ve seen in many things. Why? because one has this tendency to get tired of the actor’s quirks and mannerisms. Of course all of them have them, they are human! But Jang Hyuk is one of the few that I have been able to watch in many roles and always feel a different vibe, and believe the role. He might smile similarly, laugh like a dork and whatnot, but it’s always different “souls” inhabiting that gorgeous body, in my perception 🙂 Ahhhhh am I spazzing? Yes, I guess I am

      • LOL. Spazz away. I agree. Jang Hyuk and Vincent D’onofrio. (fans self.) Quirky as all get out, but fascinating and superbly talented. No two roles are exactly alike and they just ‘become’ these vivid characters that stay with me forever.

        • I knew Vincent D’onofrio from Law and Order but now that I googled him I found out he is Edgar “The Bug” from Men in Black! lol Wow! he is versatile indeed 😀

          • Love the bug. haha. He has so many roles under his belt. His Detective Goren was the best. Loved that version of Law and Order. I would love to see Jang Hyuk play a character in an ongoing series. He should play a detective. A modern day one-I know Ddolbok was a Joseon era detective. 😀

  4. This one of me favourite dramas ever! And it’s the one that introduced me to Jan Hyuk, so it’s also special for that reason…heh, It’s due to the great writing and Hyukkie’s performance that I never felt judgemental of Min Ki Seo. No denying that he was a jerk (he kicks dogs! How low can you get!) but I understood his spiral to the bottom and the self-loathing as something integral to the story as opposed to your regular jerk male lead who’s a jerk just because he has daddy issues, or some such. The latter I have no patience with. But with Min Ki Seo, he’s more than just a cliche. Like you said, he is aware that he’s hit rock bottom. And the whole drama is partly his climb back into the world after shutting himself off, begrudgingly.

    I will definitely have to rewatch this before the year ends!!

  5. Ah…..ah…….My Kiseo……My Min Kiseo…….perfection………(can’t even form a proper sentence). I told you, Thank You is the most amazing drama! I told you, Min Kiseo is my favorite!! So pretty, so sensitive, so warm ahh Minkiiii

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