A Tree With Deep Root (2011) – Jang Hyuk Outfits.

I love Ahjussi Fan’s random posts! This one is about Ddolbock/Chaeyoon’s outfits 😉 boy did I love the Joseon era Palace Guard and his colorful outfits on The Tree with Deep Roots! 😍

Ahjussi Fan

This is totally random but I just can’t skip posting this. *The outfits were super simple*

*Photos not mine, taken from internet. C. as tagged*

He was dressed like this 85% of the drama.

5% without the hat

7% in black outfit (with and without the hat).My favorite. 😀

2.xxxx% in white outfit.

And regrettably 0.0000001% like this.

Actually there is one or two more outfit that I left out. The outfits he wore in the battlefield at North. Doesn’t look that pretty anyway 😛


I take back my word. This is hot! *Photo thanks to Gumi*

p/s: I just finished A Tree With Deep Root yesterday and loving everything in it except the ENDING! Well, I totally agree with the general one but could not accept several of my fav characters ending *It was so unfair and so sad. I end up with a soaked pillow and blanket. Dang!*.

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