MAMA Awards 2013 – Jang Hyuk at the airport photos


Hmmm Jang Hyuk, once again, challenges my love with his crazy fashion (no Hyukie, you won’t scare me away with your nutty outfits). The world (or rather the few but awesome followers of this blog) already know I despise this hat, but I also have an issue with those untied boots!


And why is our Hyukie so skinny lately? I keep telling myself, that it is ok as long as he is healthy, but sometimes, I wonder, how does someone whose diet seems to consist primarily of hot dogs, keep losing weight this way? (ok, you might detect a bit of envy in my words…there is lots of that! I gain weight when I eat extra lettuce, so kinny people who eat a lot make me go waeee waeeee waeeeeeee???)


Oh well! and he still does have a pretty face (that I can barely distinguish under those huge glasses)

This is Jang Hyuk caught at the airport, on his way to be one of the presenters of the MAMA Awards 2013, a pan asian musical award that I’m obviously not very familiar with.


In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing more pics of the Award Ceremony itself 🙂 We will be updating!


7 responses to “MAMA Awards 2013 – Jang Hyuk at the airport photos

  1. @Lady G, you are hilarious. what i dont like and stressed is watching Hyukssi w his pants tucked in. Cant fathom why he does that, i think it takes away how sleek he looks..just compare those pics w those of him in suits or tuxedos.

  2. thank you so much, I LOVE jang hyuk very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.

  3. Only celebs can get away with this…this…this Frankenstein outfit. The boots say, I was in a rush and I’m too lazy to tie them. Leaving them open also gives the illusion of bigger legs, because if they were laced up you’d see how skinny his ankle was. And that hat…what do you expect of Puss in Boots? I’m waiting for the next one to have a feather. I also think it’s just his body type and genes, his body is so well-trained his muscles are probably burning fat the second he swallows the hotdog. I’m extremely jealous!

  4. Lose the hat Hyukkie!

  5. Kim Jong Kook is there too. I want to see the interaction between dragon brothers. I miss them. T.T

  6. ohhhhhh our Hyukie is soooooo pretty
    And of course, all my friends envy his physique!
    Especially his legs are very skinny!one of my friend says his thin so thin that when he walk like he is flying!
    Exactly, I am very sad for him when I see a medium t-shirt is for him large!!!but worse,I have come to the conclusion that he is thinner than me!!!this is unfair!
    I have after seeing Hyukie feeling of being obese
    Why he is like a kitten now? Exactly with the hat and the boots! Looks like the cat wearing boots

    • Hyukie does resemble Puss in Boots of Shrek. He definitely needs a new image consultant and a new hairdo. His hat, the scarve (actually it’s quite pretty by itself) and the untied boots are just preposterous together. What has happened to his fashion sense lately?

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