Jang Hyuk’s new pics

I found these photos on twitter today and they made my night.

The first two are from a recent Jewelry ad campaign. He looks classy and romantic.


After attending a musical with his friends, Kim Sooro, Cho In Sung and others. Cute ahjussis 😘



3 responses to “Jang Hyuk’s new pics

  1. ohhhhhhhhh in this pics his face is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute,very very very thanksssssssss Dramafan

  2. Wow, I finally saw The Flu
    Wow the movie was so exciting! But in the movie i was really concerned strongly about Kang Jigo! my heart tap in my chest very fast from stress for oppa!!!Um … I think that was too much horror movie! Really was horror!
    Even more interesting i am cold and i was coughing very badly, coinciding with me they was coughing more badly in the film and added to my panic !! ohhhhhhhhhh cute Kang Jigo
    Gumi,you did a good job that saw The Flu 5 times.
    Dramafan,you saw it,right?

  3. Aww he looks great!! Love his haircut too. Those B&W’s are very classy. Okay, time for a new drama idea, something in the thirties/forties nightclub era with Ggangpaes, a snazzy but innocent/fragile lounge singing dame love, and this gorgeous ahjussi trying to make sense of it all and stay out of trouble. Not to mention a world on the brink of war. Lots of drama elements to play with.

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