Getting ready for my Thank You rewatch

Since my friend is in possession of my Robbers DVD’s I have no option but to start my rewatch of Thank You. I have my supply of “Choco pies” ready 🙂


The DVD’s intro shows these images and I thought they were too nice, not to share




Let the spaszzfest begin!

9 responses to “Getting ready for my Thank You rewatch

  1. ohhhhhh,i loveeeeee this drama!i love Jang Hyuk oppa since this drama,i very love that intro image..that was a new job!
    ommo i and my mother very love Choco pies before thank you!i love more choco pie after thank you but my mother hate it after thankyou!
    she very became angry that groundpa eat them very much!!!!

  2. Thank You does have that happy sad feel, so I find myself crying anyway. I think it’s definitely the combination of music, and the incidents that occur to Bom and her family that really get my waterworks going. Then when those neighbors rally for her near the end, and the choco pie end scene. So many lovely moments in this drama.

  3. I’ve been telling myself to rewatch Thank You again. The last time I saw was in 2007 (I think?) with my younger sis and it was a tear fest (I think?). See, I’m bad I couldn’t remember it… But anyway, I plan to rewatch but not sure when 😦 I hope you enjoy watching it again (with your mom?).

    • Hi Nelly! Actually, I don’t find Thank You to be as sad as others. I find it uplifting and heartwarming. Just what I need right now after I finished Giant 😞 which was very sad. This time I’ll make captures and gifs while I rewatch so I need another drama to watch with mom on the TV screen. See? I’m learning to multitask 😊

  4. Oh those are beautiful images. Happy re-watching! I know I cried my eyes out, so it’s hard for me to do a re-watch. But then, once you know how it ends I guess it would go down easier the 2nd time.

  5. As perfect as a drama can be. I am ready to spazz over Thank You with you.

  6. Oooooh would love to rewatch with you since my review has stalled! This is one of my all time favourites, and its the drama that intoduced me to the man himself! It’s an awesome drama, and one that I think will stand up to repeat viewings

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