Real Men love their Bingo – Ep 31

There were many priceless moments in episode 31, the guys were finally on a moving ship, able to relax, singing, looking at the sunset, bonding, but my favorite moment of this episode was definitely “Girl Group Bingo”. The guys went totally nuts! Seeing “serious” Jang Hyuk screaming, getting red, losing his voice over…Bingo, was just too cute and hilarious. This definitely needs to be seen in video.

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Check out the full set of “Real Men love their Bingo” gifs




Click to see Hyungsik also getting startled



8 responses to “Real Men love their Bingo – Ep 31

  1. awwwwwww veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funny
    Really thank youuuuuuuuuuu
    oh!red Hyukie!!!!! he was just really happy ,but I did not know exactly what was going? Would name their favorite group girls? Oh the part Hyukie fell!i very laughed veryyyyyyyyyy thanks

  2. omg, between him and Ryu Soo young laughing in that Bing gif…Hilarious stuff! JH looks so good on the boat all suited up. How long is this show? How long will the guys be on it?

    • Well, the show is broadcasted 90 minutes every week. Members go to the army once a month and film for a week, and that is broadcasted in four episodes for a month. Jang Hyuk joined in the summer, the first episode with him was June 9th…so it’s been almost half a year. I don’t know how much longer he will do it, I guess when he has to film a drama…? Cuz it’ll be impossible to miss drama filming for a whole week. Although he did manage to film a movie while doing this show, drama is a different story, they have tighter schedules.

      • Thanks for explaining. I really hope he gets another drama soon. I put off Iris 2, it’s the only one I haven’t watched. Well, except 2 of his early ones that I can’t find right now. Maybe it’s time for a romantic comedy. Everything he’s done up until now was very serious and melo, or full of action, etc. Not that I don’t like that. I don’t want JH to sit still in a drama either. He simply can’t! LOL

  3. Hahahaa! This ranks right up there with seeing him pogo-ing up and down on a spade on Healing Camp. Awesome! Thanks for this!

  4. Bingo!!! God, that’s is way too much cuteness over there. Seriously, does he have to be this cute?
    What makes it even cuter is that, the reason he is hugging Suh and jumping and being extremely happy is because the called girl group was SES and Pinkle, which were both popular in the 90s. So most of the other soldiers didn’t write them down, but these old guys over here did, and they are so extremely happy that their old time goddesses brought them luck….aww, luv my ahjeossi!

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