The Client Fan MV – How to Save a Life

I love Jang Hyuk’s performance in The Client. Pale, calm, ambiguous…very different from other characters he had acted. I remember the director commenting that Jang Hyuk looked like a vampire (and JH actually enjoyed that comment :P).

I will not add any more explanation. Enjoy his prettiness! 🙂


8 responses to “The Client Fan MV – How to Save a Life

  1. V good portrayal of a psychopath by Jang Hyuk..straight faced, emotional at the trial and the last part where he slept on the bed w blood stains..creepy. Also a movie w a twist at the end. As for comments abt this being shot at the same time w Midas, will note and compare. Will be watching Midas next. Never thought i wld become such a fan but Jang Hyuk has got me stuck!!!. lol

  2. Great MV. JH was great in this movie portraying an enigmatic man. He didn’t have very many scenes in this movie but every scene that he was in had a great impact. You couldn’t decide if he was timid and dopey guy or guy with a great criminal mind until the very end.

  3. This song is so nice. I always liked it. Good job on the video. I can see what the director meant about Jang Hyuk’s look in this. It’s very sleek and pale. It was made around the time of Midas, because he looked similar in the first half of that drama. I really want to see this movie, but it’s nowhere online right now. I wish Netflix would get it.

    • Yes, not only it was filmed around the time of Midas, it was actually filmed right at that moment. He was filming The Client and the first half of Midas at the same time. Other actors in The Client jokingly commented about how Jang Hyuk, who’s supposed to be the defendant, was memorizing his lines as a lawyer in Midas in the court set so it was very confusing 😛

      • Oh boy! I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast, imagine trying to memorize 2 scripts at once. But that’s the kind of hard working man he is, burning candles at both ends.

  4. I wasn’t as convinced with the plot as I was with his performance. Definitely a must watch for someone who is following his career, because it is definitely very different. Subtle and subdued, full of nuances. Jang Hyuk doesn’t rely on his famous charisma here. He is absolutely creepy!

  5. Well-made MV! Hyuk shines in this movie!

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