Jang Hyuk on Healing Camp – Videos – Eng Subs

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I love Jang Hyuk as an actor, but I do have to admit, I won’t be as crazy in love as I am right now if Jang Hyuk as a person was not so attractive and adorable. Healing Camp is the first talk show of Jang Hyuk I ever watched, and I was completely blown away by his sincerity&passion&cuteness&hotness&adorkable-ness, etc. I needed to share it with my dear friend Drama Fan, but I couldn’t find the subbed version anywhere! But it had to be shared! So I just decided to sub it myself, lol. It was my first time ever subbing anything, so it’s in a poor quality, both translation-wise and context-wise, but please bear with it because Jang Hyuk here is really adorable and it is worth watching 🙂

Here are the links to four parts of the show:


Jang Hyuk hot dog master at Healing Camp

Click to see Jang Hyuk teaching “the philosophy of the hot dog”

Healing Camp Part I 

Healing Camp Part II

Healing Camp Part III

Healing Camp Part IV


Healing Camp Part I in Yoku

Healing Camp Part II in Yoku

Healing Camp Part III in Yoku

Healing Camp Part IV in Yoku




43 responses to “Jang Hyuk on Healing Camp – Videos – Eng Subs

  1. Wow Jang Hyuk is really awesome in this show and thank you for the subs, else I wont understand a single thing! Love the seriousness when he made the hot-dogs and his goofiness when riding the shovel haha… And of coz his manliness when doing the fighting scenes and chin-ups! Love him to nuts !!


  3. Awssss….Jang Hyuksshi is so adorable and attractive.. there’s really more to him than meets the eye.. 🙂 thanks Gumi for sharing..

  4. Jhanysse Ubaldo

    Yay! Thank you so much for this! Loving Hyuk-ssi more and more. ❤

  5. Thank you so so so much for subbing and sharing this. I really like Jang Hyuk since the first time I saw him in Running Man (I really love the Dragon Brothers. Three of them are equally hillarious) and Flu and now I’m crazy about him because of FTLY. Your blog helps me a lot on fangirling him >.< Thank you again!

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this clips. I really liking this man more and more. He is cool and really lovely.

  7. Can you help make an eng sub for one mile travel show of jang hyuk ? Really need the subtitle 😦

  8. Thank you Gumi for the great work on the subs and sharing. Now we know story of the hotdogs and hey he has a sense of humour . often said to be a serious actor, but he’s actually funny. I suppose his seriousness is his commitment and focus when he is on film site. Him saying he has more to show – wasnt that what we all discovered in FTLY? He’s really a sweet babe at heart, handsome man from next door. His smile and grin always melts me..Thanks again Gumi, you are a gem.

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    Re blogged to watch subbed interviews

  10. This is the best thing I’ve come across in ages.
    Thank you for taking the time to sub this for us, I saw the action part on YT but it was frustrating without the subs. I’m so happy I got to understand JH oppa a little better, it helps me talk about him like we’re super close, when I’m explaining how peculiar and perfect he is to my friends !
    When he mimicked his kid, I ODed on cuteness. Also, how perfect is this laugh ? The Lee Gun laugh is as epic as it gets, but this .. this is too much.
    Another memorable moment is when he said to the younger male host : “Sure, I never lie.” .. I find that very easy to believe, but hearing it just made me go awwww.
    Again, thank you very much for this gem.

  11. wow!!!i felt like cring, huhhuhu….i’ve watch this 3 times and youtube without english sub….thank you so much for the english sub…i really love jang hyuk!!! :)) im so inlove with him…im an avid fan…

  12. do you have these episode RAW ? full but Without sub ?

  13. This was really good. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s pretty cool that he’s super mellow but with a very sharp sense of humour at the same time. I really enjoyed listening to him. He’s very engaging. I’m also very glad he didn’t give up on acting even though it was very difficult for him at first.

    • Im so glad you liked it 😊 I find it fascinating that he had a hard time at the beginning of his career, because I would never have guessed. It is a great example that hard work can yield greater results than innate talent (although I believe he did have it but needed polishing) But, this notion gives hope to anyone who is pursuing a dream and is getting rejected at the moment.

  14. I want to watch this with my mom! but this don’t work with Apple TV ugh! Love this interview 🙂

  15. Sorry, one more comment. It was sad what he said about growing up with his father. When a child sees their parent always leaving and one crying it can really have a lifelong effect on them. So the way he described coming home to his family is lovely.

  16. I’m sorry, I keep posting and I’m getting hungry, I was at the Metropolitan museum yesterday and had a street vendor hotdog with mustard, red onions and ketchup. It was delicious. And only 2 dollars. You buy that in a restaurant you can wind up paying close to five dollars for the same.

    Now I really want to try this recipe. lol. My nephews are 3 and 4, they love hotdogs, but they can’t eat it the way they are meant to be eaten. You have to cut them to little pieces and mix them with beans or rice. haha.

  17. Here in Brooklyn, if you mix the ketchup, mayo and pickle Relish it is awesome. We call it Russian dressing and you can mostly find it in the Jewish Delis that make good hotdogs. You can put it on anything.

  18. Gumi, this is terrific. Although I wouldn’t know better really, t think your translations are very clear. I’m just watching the first part now and we already have Jang Hyuk on horseback, showering, and making hot dogs!! Droooooollll. His horseback scenes in Chuno are amazing. Every so often that image of fiery Daegil racing on the horseback pops in my head and I have to stop and fantasize. LOL. But it’s really dangerous! Just thinking of Christopher Reeve, and even Patrick Swayze broke both legs horseback riding.

    haha! He rocks! Street vendor hotdogs in NYC are SOOOO much better than restaurant/store bought hot dogs. Totally better!

    You know what, i tend to notice that ‘real men’ love to eat hotdogs. hahaha. I really enjoyed this. It’s so funny. I’m going to share this post on the Chuno Facebook group!

  19. It works! Thanks for this! I giggled like crazy. He’s so adorkably serious especially during the hot dog making. He’s surprisingly deadpan and hilarious! Gotta love a man who is so dedicated to recycling too. HAHA

  20. Gumi thank you my friend!but i can’t see them,because my net’s speed is very slow and this page was very heavy and i am very sad:(
    if my speed was not low i had saw it and enjoiyed:(
    butttttt Jang Hyuk teachs making hot dog?ooooooooooooooooh i love to eat hot dog that he maked for teaching..oh my grammer language is very bad!sarry

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    Hyukie Ahjussi on Healing Camp with english subs <3. Millions thanks to the subbers.

  23. I can watch it now!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. ❤ I love you guys.

  24. Guys, let me know if the google links work for you. You might need to open an account with them to view them.

  25. Guys, now I see that I could only watch the first video. I’m going to try an alternative.

  26. I can’t watch it either. it says “Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China”

  27. Wow, thanks for this! I just watched an episode with Lee Jun Ki and I was taken aback by his candidness, which I guess is kind of the point with Healing Camp. I can’t view Youku though, for some reason, as I’m quite sure I’ve seen another videos there before. Maybe it’s my connection at the moment, but this is just to say a huge THANK YOU!

    • Oh no DDee! Do you think it is a rights issue? I can see it fine and I am in the US. I guess we need to figure out another way to share this. It is a precious show.

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