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Andddd I discovered reblogging…so here we go 🙂

Bright Little World

A few days ago I finished watching the drama Thank you. There is a review to come but my overall opinion is that it was great. A new favourite dare to say.

This song is amazing. His voice, the lyrics, the music. My favourite part is when it says

I smile because I’m happy, these words I have kept at the bottom of my throat, I really love you. My foolish love which cannot even be expressed, now I finally say this, I live because you exist.

It goes so amazingly with the drama. So bittersweet..


(picture found here xx, originally from 夕月姑姑 )

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12 responses to “Song of the Week | Thank You by Hun

  1. Okay I answered my own question by watching clips on Youtube. arrh! He’s dubbed. But I would still like to find the episode with Chae Rim because Jang Hyuk can emote volumes with his eyes and body language without saying a word. I’m just spoiled after seeing Kim Tae Hee speak fluent Japanese in the cute ‘fusion’ drama boku to star no 99 nichi.

    • Hi Lady G, I have not heard many good opinions on the chinese version and that is why I have not been tempted to watch it myself. I remember watching a few videos on youtube, and I felt it was a bit slow and at the same time, there was some overacting by the female leads. Jang Hyuk’s character seemed very passive. So I see you liked the original. I might add it to my super long list of “to watch” then 🙂

      • His character seems very passive. And I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s probably hard to act with others who are speaking a different language all around you. How do you develop a chemistry or bond? I’m sure he may know some Chinese, or at least memorized cues, but it seems like something that might be a little uncomfortable. I’m not sure how they handle that.

      • It’s hard to explain, there’s just a different feel to this drama. It’s not the best, and I haven’t watched others made before 2003 but there’s something more real about it. It’s not trying to hard to be slick. It just…is. The reactions to of the characters to one another play out differently. They aren’t overblown, hammy, there’s no aegyo going on, etc. etc. If you ever get a chance to catch it, maybe you’ll see what I mean.

    • Btw Lady G! Did you check Healing Camp? Gumi posted it.


    I know this is from 2010. Forgive me, I’m slow. lol. But I had the biggest and happiest fangirl moment when I realized my favorite Korean drama actress, Chae Rim, and Jang Hyuk shared screen time together in the Chinese remake of All about Eve. “Ai Shang Nu Zhu Bo “Fall in Love with Anchor Beauty”)
    I’m currently watching the original 2000 drama with Chae Rim and it’s marvelous. I have been shouting from the rooftops that it’s so refreshing to see a drama without all the over-dramatic pauses, stares, and stilted dialogue and miscommunications. Characters actually talk to each other and the story is flowing fast and smooth. They touch and hug without hesitation and shaky hands. It’s more realistic without the stereotypes, tropes, cliches and incessant flashbacks. No wonder some consider this the best Korean drama. What happened in 13 years since? When I compare, it’s almost like many dramas now poke fun at their own cliches rather than taking the material seriously. Don’t know if I’m explaining myself right.
    My question is, has anyone seen this Chinese remake with Jang Hyuk? Is it worth it to watch? Is that JH actually speaking Chinese? (I didn’t get a chance to look for clips or the drama yet) If not, I may pass, because to me, something totally gets lost with dubs. I want to hear Jang Hyuk’s awesome voice, not some other guy with his face. It just ruins my entire viewing experience. Something tells me it’s dubbed. Anyway, I love his hair! Fresh from Chuno.
    I would watch it just to see their scenes and simply pretend it’s a silent film if I hear dubs. lol. This is like a dream pairing to me. I read that Jang Hyuk called Chae Rim personally to play this cameo as his ex-girlfriend who is dying of a disease. (Perhaps that’s why she broke up with him, because nothing short of death should tear a woman away from that man. Come on now!! LOL J/k) I wish Chae Rim would come back to Korean dramas and would love to see her work JH!

  3. Hey, did you ever see this? Jang Hyuk in America! I haven’t watched it yet. But I’m bookmarking it. 2 parts-

  4. I know! lol! and it is a good way to keep the blog fresh when we are too busy

  5. Reblogging is sure fun. 😀 I love this soundtrack so much.

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