Jang Hyuk filming Strawberry Milk – Photos

Hyukie is busy filming Strawberry Milk (the movie where he plays a P.E teacher) And I’ve been busy with…work, life, etc. But I miss you so much guys I needed some excuse to post something. So, it seems the P.E teacher will be wearing white t-shirts. Yeah I know! could I make a more obvious and/or lame observation? lol Whatever! just say something to me! Are you alive guys?


    • Filming began September 14, 2013 at Jijok Middle School in Daejeon, South Korea. First scene filmed involves gym teacher Joon-Ki (Jang Hyuk) staying after school, because of a sudden rain storm. At that time, a female high school student, who is wet, suddenly runs into the school.
    • Actor Jang Hyuk previously worked with director Kim Tae-Gyun in 2001 movie “Volcano High”


Rain? Sounds cliche-ish but also potentially hot. White t shirt…wet white t-shirt…*swoons*, *drools* Ok! let me slap myself and breath here. As many of you know, I have an utter lack of trust on this director, but Ill keep a positive or rather neutral attitude. I don’t mind cliches, if they are well used. I cross my fingers and hope this movie is at least fun…and that we get to enjoy the hotness of that P.E teacher, phew!


P.D I started watching Succesful Story of a Bright Girl, despite the fact that I haven’t finished rewatching Robbers. I’m all over the place! but anyway, so far, SSBG is cute! Hyukie plays an annyoing, obnoxious, horrible orange haired chabeol who can’t stop falling on his face (literally) lol! He is so loud, clueless and helpless. Truly a spoiled brat! (I guess Jang Hyuk does everything passionately, so his chabeol jerk had to be the extreme version too) The bright girl, is actually smart! and she is always putting him in his place, and this is satisfying to me 🙂 I hope I can write a review soon.

20 responses to “Jang Hyuk filming Strawberry Milk – Photos

  1. All these comments are making me more and more excited to this film. And that there’s a thriller aspect to it!

  2. There is an article (in Korean) in which director of ‘Strawberry Milk’ Kim Tae Kyun is giving an interview about Dae-Jeon emerging as a mecca for Korean films. There are just a couple of paragraphs relevant to Strawberry Milk and JH. So I will summarize what he said in the interview.
    Ninety-Seven percent of Strawberry Milk is being filmed in Dae-Jeon. He stated that can’t give too much details about the project but it’s mainly a love story between a teacher and a student. It will have a thriller component as well. He started preparing for this film 8 years ago and it raises the question “what is the identity of a human being loving another human being?”.
    He also praised JH. When they were working on Volcano High years ago, JH was just a passionate young man but now they can really communicate better and he can feel a sense of camaraderie. He has learned a lot from JH as he is an actor who takes acting very seriously.
    They have finished filming about 50% of the movie and are planning to release it next April.

    original article is here http://www.daejonilbo.com/news/newsitem.asp?pk_no=1085743

    It sounds interesting, especially his comment about one human being loving another human being. I’m really curious how it will turn out.

  3. Hello to all my friends
    Oh God!! love between a physical education teacher and a student?Wow … should be interesting now !!instead Lee Da hae and Soo Ae we see a girl with a few years age difference from him!!Though this is not bad, because I think that as a high school student .will I become good couples with Jang Hyuk?(regardless of his wife and children) with a high school girl, always i wanted to know how Jang Hyuk seems with me … that way I can put myself instead high school girl!

  4. I’ve been checking on this blog everyday for new articles! With a PE teacher like Hyukie, I’m sure all the girl students fall for him. Cliche stories are Ok as long as the dialogues and director’s execution are interesting and fun to watch.

  5. Hi Drama Fan, I just read a Korean article that says JH portrays a PE teacher in turmoil who unexpectedly falls in love (The article doesn’t mention who but I’m assuming the high school girl??). JH expressed a lot of affection for this project because he believes in the director and the screenplay. The film is expected to be released in the beginning of 2014.

    I’m crossing my fingers too, since a girl falling in love with high school teacher sounds too cliche. I think I read elsewhere that he chose to do this movie because he was attracted to the originality of the screenplay so I just would have to trust Hyukie.

    • The word turmoil makes me hope and fantasize. Jang Hyuk plays tormented so deliciously well. Just the thought of Joon-Ki “suffering for a forbidden love” makes me excited. Although I do feel afraid because of the controversial factor that she is a highschool student. I had been imagining that it was a one sided relationship where the student fell for the teacher but not the other way around. Like you said, let’s trust his judgement on this. It’s not like we have a choice lol!

  6. If only PE teachers looked like this while I was in school..

    • I had a gym teacher in middle school that was a serious hunk. Tall, tan, muscular, curly black hair, strong features, bright blue eyes. His name was Mr. Gell (hard G) wow, I know I had such crush. lol.

      • Lol! was having a PE teacher that hot, inspiring or distracting?

      • Lucky you! I’ve never had a crushable teacher, ever! But, I do recall a reasonably handsome substitute teacher who unfortunately for him, was not handsome enough for him to be treated better by us gals since he was just a lowly sub. ;P

        • I think us girls are the worse lol! I went to an all girls school which had traditionally female teachers. The one time we had a male teacher, he was young and ok looking. The poor guy didn’t last a month. The girls disrespected him completely, I clearly remember one student raising her skirt slightly to tease him and they made him blush and uncomfortable. I remember thinking what is this? Carmin? (a telenovela about a highschool student who seduces and ends up marrying her teacher) Now that I think of it, this topic is quite common in telenovelas

          Btw he was a science teacher, not a P.E teacher. Now THAT would’ve been much worse! And to make the story more cliche, the rumor was he got fired because he was caught kissing an english teacher. Now that I think of it, it doesn’t make sense because the english teacher didn’t get fired lol So it was probably lies. Poor guy. I remember feeling so sorry for him and embarrassed for him too. I think he was substituting a teacher that was on maternity leave. So yeah I think that also was another “reason” the girls disrespected him. The only other sub teacher we had was female but she also got a lot of abuse (and I also felt sorry) Wow DDee you made me remember my highs cool years! Now that is going wayyy back

          • Kekeke girls ARE the worst. I went to a convent school. We too bullied the few male teachers we had–the science teacher and maths teacher. Poor mr science teacher got it real bad when he had to teach reproductive biology. Someone brought condoms to class and asked him to demo, and that was it…;p. Thinking about it now, it must’ve been awful for him, but at the time I almost pissed myself laughing.

            Your story sounds straight out of a telenovela! You sure it’s not?? Teacher scandals didn’t happen in my school until I was in final year and there were some rumours floating around involving the young male lecturers and some flirty girls.

            And Lady G started it, not me! I just added my two cents 😉

      • For me it was so distracting at times. But then I got over it. I was always the ‘fat girl’ so I hated that he did the weigh-ins and thanked God when the bell rang and it was my turn to climb the rope. I never had to climb. LOL. He wasn’t the head P.E. teacher anyway. He usually sat quiet in the back while the other guy did all the screaming with his mullet hair.

      • Aww, DDee, I always felt bad for the subs. I was such a good goody in school. LOL

  7. I was never a big fan of Strawberry milk. But Yoohoo makes it the best. LOL. Nice Pics! Gym teacher! Fun!

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