Westwood e-catalogue – New photos


This is one sample of the new beautiful images of Jang Hyuk on the Westwood e-catalogue.

Unfortunately this format is not compatible with all browsers, but luckily, our good friend Zoi from Just…Jang Hyuk blog did captures of the best images. Check her blog here

And a big thanks to Zoi!


6 responses to “Westwood e-catalogue – New photos

  1. He’s so handsome he melts all the snow and makes the flowers and grass grow on that mountain. haha

    • he is alone…ahh.um… Ice fisherman,do you want a girl friend?you can choose between me and Lady.G!what????????me?
      hey Lady.G!he choosed me for be his girlfriend!

  2. Well, why can’t it be me? lol. Though why I’m even on top of a mountain in the Himalayas is beyond me. 😉 Put any of your favorite k-drama actresses up there if you like. lol

    • Uh, what?
      Why?did not you know I and Ice fisherman came to mountains rejected them until to reach you?
      Although this is kind of devotion but i’m Lady.G’s pro and i tried that my friend(Lady.G) can see him even once
      oww be careful Lady.G Avvvvvh Ice fisherman is really hot!he make Melt all the snow

  3. “Chopper down! Chopper down! Young woman in immediate need of rescue!…” The Ice fisherman cometh! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures Drama Fan and Zoi! (Recently watched some of her lovely videos on Youtube also. 🙂

    • Which girl? Same cute girl? Same attorney famous?ohhh it is me!
      you kill me finaly?
      My God, look at his eyes, this eyeliner is beautiful.
      Drama fan thanks for this post.

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