Jang Hyuk attended the Seoul International Drama Awards as a presenter

Jang Hyuk was a presenter on the Seoul International Drama Awards. He attended the ceremony with actress Jo BoA, who will also be his co-star in the upcoming movie Strawberry Milk (as he casually confirmed during his speech)

Jang Hyuk and Jo BoA presented the award to the best series. The “golden bird” was won by the spanish series Gran Hotel and the “silver bird” was taken by korean series, The Chaser. Actor Son Hyn Joo accepted the award and exchanged a hug with his very good friend Jang Hyuk.

VIDEO: Jang Hyuk presents the best series category

VIDEO BTS: Jang Hyuk appears at the end and says hi to Lee Junk Ki and Son Hyn Joo




30 responses to “Jang Hyuk attended the Seoul International Drama Awards as a presenter

  1. Hey, have you ever dreamed of Jang Hyuk?i have dreamed from him

    • I dreamt of Hyuk couple times perhaps. I remembered dreaming of him once and immediately all I could think of was to get any DVDs, posters and pictures for him to sign. Then I couldn’t find any and was extremely sad and disappointed 😦

    • I think I dreamed of Hyuk twice, and first was when I wasn’t even this crazy fan. He was just there cooking a hot dog, lol. The second time, I was his crazy fan, and in my dream he was in a hospital and I happened to see his top of the head from very far and I remember being very excited and texting my friends about it. I was also kinda worried why he is in a hospital…well, luckily the real JH was healthy and did not have to go to hospital or anything, lol

      • I’m jealous of everyone now. He has not been in my dreams yet 😔

      • Hot dog? Heh Heh beauty dream if I saw your dream i asked him: Excuse me give me one of them? ohhhhh then i tasted cooking him
        Hospital? Oh God, I’m always worried about him.. always! But really thank God because he is a strong man, no matter how damaged or broken arm does not need to be hospitalized! I have a secret to tell you I, I talk too much about JH by my mom … she saw dream about JH twice time !!!!!

      • Oh really?
        Soon you’ll see him in a dream … I hope you see the most beautiful dream about him

  2. So Hyukie confirmed his next role in movie Strawberry Milk! Is his character a PE teacher? Is this a romance, melodrama film?

    Very happy for Hyuk to work on another movie. However, a movie takes forever to actually show in a theater. I just wish I could see him in another TV drama soon. I know Iris2 just finished in April this year. Hyuk’s schedule was hectic while promoting The Flu and working regularly in The Real Man. I know I know…………Working on a film is probably physically less demanding and more flexible than in a TV drama. Anyway, I’m very glad to know his next move 😀

    • Feeling the same. I want him to rest a little but then I miss him 😉

      • ohh yes Drama fan.me too!i very want that he rests.but i miss him too
        he works very fast and much!iris and real men and The Flu and Strawberry Milk!!!he has inexhaustible energy source!!!

    • It is a romantic comedy Oh! i love that become like the successly story of bright girl
      I agree you if he play a series you and I and the rest that are not korean are more comfortable that see it and soon we will be able to see a movie!
      Unlikely know that i can see The Flu even this year:(

    • My feelings exactly.
      I want to see him in a good drama. I heard that Strawberry Milk is a melodrama/thriller. It don’t think it’s a romantic comedy. He’s supposed to be starting on this project soon and will be finished in 2 months. So hopefully, after Strawberry Milk, we can see him a drama at the end of the year, or beginning of next year, maybe??

      • I really hope that his melodrama to have a good finish!melodrama or romantic comedy.
        Then? If he can play in a series immediately after broadcast on KBS channel that reach us to see it, and I would really like to see him again in a series., But .. When can i see The Flu? you still have not seen?

  3. I’m curious to see Strawberry Milk. This clip was nice. and yes, JH looks terrific in all black. 🙂

    • why now Strawberry Milk??this name is very unusuall!

      Oh yes, I love the long black coat IRIS 2 he was very graceful in it

    • Lady G, totally OT but have you watched Nine? Its a time travel series and so far it is actually using the time travel device very cleverly (Im on ep 4). I think you would like that one. The first ep is a bit meh but once you pass that one, it gets good. Im also imagining Jang Hyuk in a series like that 😀

      • hm???time travel???

      • Funny you said that. I eagerly started watching Nine and found the first 2 episodes mehh. I heard it gets better. But it is clever with the sticks. For some reason I’m not invested in the characters to care enough. Not the romance, (her hair kills me. I know it sounds terribly vain! lol) or the arrogant lead’s plight. And I like the actor playing the lead too! I know I would have devoured it if JH were the lead! I will go back to it sometime. Thanks for the recommendation. I really do love Time Travel themes.

        • Oh you see him as arrogant? I kind of like how direct he is actually. And yes, it does get better. At first I didn’t care about the romance but after a new twist on ep 4 it did get all angsty! You know how in properly handled time travel stories, the minor changes in the past can completely wreck the future and the more you try to fix the past, the worse of a mess you make? Yeah! this is one of those. The guy is also dealing with the fact that he lived things that the people around him didn’t as in, he is changing destinies and events therefore the people in the present are not exactly the people he “knew” and this makes him feel very lonely, but at the same time while his present gets screwed up other people’s life gets better so he think its worth it. Ah I love how sci fi poses impossible extreme situations that let us question ourselves ,What would we do in his place? What would be the right thing to do? etc

          • I think I saw up to episode 3 or 4 I can’t remember now. I love the time travel element so it is one I have to get back to. He’s suffering major butterfly effect that much I know. 🙂

  4. oh sorry…Soo ja play in(( that ))too

  5. So I guess it’s been finalized. JH says his next project is “Strawberry Milk” and Jo boA will be starring in it also.

    • Soo ja play in too!!!i think!
      forever hyuk did you see The Flu?you more love Soo Ae or you more love Lee da hae?
      drama fan loves both of tem
      i love both of them but i more love Lee da hae

  6. Wow it is so cute. Darker color really makes him more beautiful!
    Um .. I saw a picture closer from jang hyuk at the moment.(hug), He pulled himself up so that he could embrace Jo BoA,
    Jang Hyuk is an average man and his height is normal. Jo BoA is too tall,is not it?

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