Westwood Wallpapers featuring Jang Hyuk

These and more Westwood Wallpapers can be found here http://t.co/CtLoYZaTrR









8 responses to “Westwood Wallpapers featuring Jang Hyuk

  1. The others on the link are awesome too. I love the one where he’s scaling down in the neon green. Thanks for posting!

  2. Omg, YES! You knew I was thinking exactly that. haha! This set of pictures needs to be made into a drama. Maybe one like the action movie ‘Cliffhanger’ with Sylvester Stallone. Oooooh…great, now I’m getting started.

  3. Lady G, the one with the hat could be the poster for our “Hot ice fisherman” 😉

    • You see that girl in the pictures?,the girl who stood beside her?Hot ice fisherman’s do you remember that lawyer?this girl is that lawyer!that lawyer was me!
      this girl is me!!!!!

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