SNL Parody Chuno or the Do you wanna see food? skit

SUMMARY: This is a parody of the heartbreaking and (yeah, kinda gross) scene from Chuno, in which Daegil cries while eating, imagining he is having a meal with his “dead” friends.

This skit was as funny as it was disgusting and that is why I didn’t want to make too many captures or gifs of it. I believe Jang Hyuk’s expression on the gif below tells it all! (he has some nerve though! it’s not like he hasn’t done more than one scene like this before. I remember one in Tazza where he stuffed his mouth with sushi rolls and cried. He looked like he was going to choke lol) The skit features idol Jay Park, who is also Jang Hyuk’s friend and who made appearances in the skits that we will be posting next.


9 responses to “SNL Parody Chuno or the Do you wanna see food? skit

  1. I’ve decided he’s the master of food crying

  2. did you careful??
    serial funny in SNL KOREAN ,original them that they were extremely uncomfortable?
    I cry every time I hear the song Chuno, but when I saw that song on bat man i very laughed
    Iris too! and when his mouth full of food and criedi very very very cried and my press fall!!, but laughing now! i am sorry i love you is sad too.Drama fan said.
    Well I think SNL is for pick up part of the grief and bitterness of sad drama

  3. I saw that mimic in ZOii blog ! Really is extremely unfair Oh I feel Hyok Jang wants to say: I’m really like this?
    Oh I think he will not cry and laugh when he eats!
    His face is nervous!
    accuracy ?Jang Hyuk ssi of any that have appeared is admirable? Disgusted, nervous or mistreated and beaten! Over all is beautiful and cute
    ah i very laugh when saw that mimic but when i saw his face i became very nervous

  4. Bwahahahaahahaha!! I LOVED this skit. I wanted JH to walk in on the scene, but the surprise cut to his disgusted face was epic. I almost forgot about Tazza. JH is terrific with food and misery in one scene. lol

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