SNL Korea Parody – Iris 2 – Video and photos

In this SNL skit, we see the filming of an action scene with Jang Hyuk. This skit portrays Jang Hyuk as an action actor, who gives a lot of input during action scenes, almost directs them (not far from reality) and acts as a mentor to new actors. This time, the rookie, gets so “into it” that his “improvisation” becomes painful for the main actor lol! Jang Hyuk is very patient, but not a saint, so by the end we see him screaming “Why doesn’t he die already?!!!” or something along those lines 😀

It was hard for me to do captures with all the movement, so I borrowed some pictures from this site

10 responses to “SNL Korea Parody – Iris 2 – Video and photos

  1. I love the last scene that Hyuk broke out running after the rookie. That was fun 😀

  2. I love his expression when he first got punched in the face!

  3. I really praised Hyukie’s face when he get his face with both hands!veryyyyyyyyyyyy cute

  4. hahaha .. that man realy wanted that beat our oppa! he was very bad man!
    the scene that Hyukie fall and that man beat him kick!! veryyyyyyyyyyy funny! i very laughed

    Oh Oppa is really tiny and small. when he crumpled on the ground he is really tiny and cute! But he aishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beaten back! End was pretty funny

  5. So after JH gets kicked around by the rookie,the director says to JH that they will shoot this scene later. JH insists that they shoot the scene again. As soon as the director shouts, “Ready”, JH says “Action, get out of the way” and goes after the rookie. lol
    The last picture– of the rookie crawling on the floor was so funny. 🙂

    • This is the part where you said to resemble a real Hyok When you lee da hae defines as:I saw blood on the eyelids Hyuk Oppa., But he wiped the blood and said I’m fine, and continue filming
      Is that true?

      • Yeah, that’s true. And that happens often to JH…Lee Soo Hyuk, who acted the tall assassin guy in Tree with Deep Roots, once mentioned that he cut JH’s hand during action scene but didn’t even realize it cuz JH didn’t mention it at all. He later saw JH’s hand all bleeding and freaked out, but JH just said it’s ok, don’t worry about it, just focus on your next scene.

      • I just wish Hyukie took better care of his body!

      • Oh, God!realy?
        I never knew! before Drama fan said me that his arm broken during a horse riding accident and the whole influenza has played with a broken arm, I am extremely worried about him!he must be careful.He is a strong man., But I’m really worried about him going to the game in action movies he fall
        Gumi,do you mean is (Half Face )?
        dolbok call him haha

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