SNL Korea Opening – Jang Hyuk confronts a ghost from his TJ past

SUMMARY: Jang Hyuk said he wasn’t going to be like other hosts who use SNL to promote their current projects, and then immediately started coughing 😀 Then, he said that in 17 years of career he has been acting non-stop and he has only been an actor, just an actor, but a ghost from his past came to remind him, that he once tried to be a rapper. That’s right! TJ himself showed up and forced Jang Hyuk to face his “dark” past lol!









10 responses to “SNL Korea Opening – Jang Hyuk confronts a ghost from his TJ past

  1. This was really funny

  2. Always enjoy watching your gifs. It’s still very fun to watch Hyukie in SNL with my very limited Korean interpretation.

  3. You can get the behind the scenes look at snl:

    No English subtitles. At the beginning of the clip, they show shooting of the boxing scene in the Batmat skit. The girl (from a girl group 2eyes) says that she’s supposed to portray a girl who falls in love with JH at first sight.

    You can see JH getting nervous right before he goes on to stage.

  4. You got all the best moments gifed!!! too much cuteness, i’m gonna die

  5. awww the first gif is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy great!jang hyuk ssi is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool! his spirit is so funny!when he was younger..he was not like now and was more serious

  6. This was so funny! I still have to finish watching the rest of it. Thanks for all the pics and gifs. You make them great.

  7. Great GIFS. The first one is my favorite.

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