SNL Korea Parody: Jang Hyuk is the new Batman (for one night)

Hi: I think it will be easier for me cover the SNL Korea episode, hosted by Jang Hyuk in separate posts. They will also be out of order. Gumi will comment about her experience as part of the audience, but this might not happen too soon, because she is super busy these days. The Batman skit was my favorite, visually. Here goes the recap:


SUMMARY: Jang Hyuk realized the world is in dire need of a hero so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Using his “action actor” skills he turns into Batman. See how “successful” he was 😀










11 responses to “SNL Korea Parody: Jang Hyuk is the new Batman (for one night)

  1. LOOOOOOOOL forever, this is HILARIOUS 😀

  2. Drama fan,i put this post in my blog!aw..chomar miane!miane miane miane miane mian…
    i am very lazy!but,if you do not want that i put your post in my blog please say me.
    you are very kind that allowed me to put your post in my blog.

  3. did you attention that he beaten in all SNL?

  4. awwwwww
    So this was the story? Oh my God! Already two o’clock midnight Iran time and I laughed so much that my parents would wake up from my laugh!!
    Laughed so much it was really great!
    coward Robin who fled the scene was veryyyyyyy funny!bat_man’s face was cute and delicate! Wow, I really feel pity Oh …oomo..poor bat man
    The girl who came and say thanks! Wow funny scene! Girl was totally surprised that her hero is beating!
    Wild thieves ! Hahahaha
    did Kristen Bell see this scene? Much have laughed if he has seen it!or he cried!!!hahahaha
    Poor Kristen Bell!
    Wow is pretty much perfect to play the role of Zorro and Spider-Man! Course if he beat he can make me cry!! Hahaha

  5. The flapping of the wings was my favorite moment too! Although the covering his face in shame was a close second! And the moment Robin flees the scene, Batman’s face is also priceless!

  6. This one had me hysterical!! Great gifs! I lost it when he started ‘flapping’ his bat wings.

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